'Battlefield 3: Armored Kill' Includes Dinosaur Tease; Gets Update

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill T-Rex Skull


Tomorrow marks the day that all Battlefield Premium subscribers gain access to the second batch of new downloadable content for Battlefield 3. We're not counting Back to Karkand since it came before Premium to those who pre-ordered the Limited Edition of the game and it's comprised of remakes of maps from previous games in the franchise.

PS3 players could explore the large vehicle-centric maps of Armored Kill last week thanks to the timed exclusivity deal EA signed with Sony for the game's additional content and as such, there are already early positive reviews to go along with gameplay videos, including some that feature some fun and interesting Easter eggs that players have found in the first few days of gameplay.

MP1st gathered a series of gameplay videos that highlight most of the known Easter eggs discovered thus far. We've highlighted the one that really matters (up top) to us and of course, it has to do with dinosaurs (the others feature garden gnomes and a Mirror's Edge reference). For those unaware, these Jurassic creatures have had a strange history with the game ever since a toy dinosaur appeared in the hands of a soldier in the early Battlefield 3 trailers. It was there to make players feel the soldier's sense of being away from home, but it turned into a buzz-topic among the online community who have since demanded a dinosaur mode in the game.

If Call of Duty can do zombies, why can't DICE and Electronic Arts let loose and bring a fun and wild feature like that to their flagship shooter, right? Well, it doesn't seem to be in the cards as part of any of the upcoming DLC packs (the next two expansion being End Game and Aftermath), but in our discussion of Battlefield 3 mods, we explained how if DICE doesn't do it, players can if the developer were to officially support mods and the interest is there. So, is the T-Rex skull poking fun at the idea of Battlefield dinosaurs or could they be teasing something so crazy, it just may come true one day? For now, we have this found in the cold of Alborz Mountains:

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill T-Rex Skull

In other news, the week of PS3 Armored Kill warfare has allowed DICE to monitor gameplay and begin working on a few tweaks, mostly that have to do with balancing. DICE designer Gustav Halling posted on his blog some of the server-side updates they're working on specific to Battlefield 3: Armored Kill which he says will hit sometime later this week.

  • Mobile Artillery
    • The Mobile artillery’s “Proximity Defense” unlock is causing players to “suicide” when being used in both vehicles with higher reprorate in the US HIMARS.

    • Defenders have been having a hard time winning the last week and we are making tweaks to even out the battlefield =)
    • The Gunship will respawn after 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds in Rush after being destroyed.

    • On conquest large there is a bug where the Russian attack helicopter doesn’t show up in the spawn menu.
    • It is however spawned in so either drive down to it or use a airplane as a “spawner” closer to it. 

    Will you be fighting on the Battlefield... or conducting a little paleontology tomorrow?

    Battlefield 3 Premium DLC Packs

    Battlefield 3: Premium Edition (and the Armored Kill DLC) will be available for all Premium subscribers in North America on September 11 and in Europe on September 13 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 players will also receive an additional week of early access to all remaining digital expansion packs.


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    Sources: MP1st (hat tip Lyle)

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