EA Cans 'Battlefield 3: Aftershock' Game

Battlefield 3 Aftershock Canceled

Without any sort of marketing, Electronic Arts released Battlefield 3: Aftershock on iTunes last month, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter sponsored by the Act of Valor film. I downloaded the app, despite it's at-the-time two-out-of-five rating but it simply didn't work. It wouldn't connect and since it's only multiplayer, it was unusable.

Evidently, a lot of other uses felt the same and EA took Battlefield 3: Aftershock down off of iTunes shortly thereafter, issuing a statement about quality control. Now, it seems they're not interested in fixing it or putting it back up.

On February 22nd, EA issued the following statement to IGN regarding Aftershock's removal from the app store.

"EA Mobile is committed to delivering mobile entertainment experiences that are on par with the content and quality users have come to expect from their favorite EA gaming brands. To this end, we have decided to remove Battlefield 3: Aftershock from the App Store and are currently re-evaluating the app in response to the consumer feedback we've received. We thank all the fans who have downloaded the game to date."

So, what's the plan going forward and when it go back online (fixed)? Never. In a follow-up statement to Vox Games, EA confirms that they're done with the game:

"In the interest of bringing consumers only the highest level of quality mobile entertainment, EA Mobile has decided to suspend development and support of Battlefield 3: Aftershock and refocus its resources on other titles. The Aftershock servers will be live through March 31st, 2012, and customers who have already downloaded the game can continue to play until then."

Was it the in the "interest of bringing consumers only the highest level of quality mobile entertainment" to release the game in the first place?

It's oddly reminiscent of when EA promoted the hell out of of Medal of Honor only to follow up its release by saying it didn't meet their quality expectations. If certain games are not meeting the quality standards being promoted, why are they releasing?

At least we have Battlefield 3, the core game, and what we hope is a new content announcement next week at GDC.


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Sources: IGN, Vox Games

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