Battlefield 3 is just over a month away from release and fans are anxious to find out if EA’s allegedĀ Call of Duty killer can live up to the hype. There is no debating that the game looks absolutely stunning and that the destructible environments are sure to keep gamers entertained for countless hours, but when it’s all said and done Electronic Arts is going to be concerned with two things: how well the game performs in reviews and sales number. It’s a little premature to read any reviews on Battlefield 3, however, it’s not too soon to see how many copies of the game have been pre-ordered.

According to a recent report from Sterne Agee, an analyst by the name of Arvind Bhatia stated that pre-orders for DICE‘s upcoming FPS blockbuster have reached a considerable 1.5 million units. Furthermore, Bhatia claims that Battlefield 3 should surpass the sales numbers of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which managed to secure a solid 9.5 million sales since its debut.

One of Bhatia’s main reasons for BF3‘s pre-success was attributed to the exclusive map pack that is given to all those who put money down in advance. “This $15 to $20 value should be a big incentive for customers to pre-orderĀ BF3,” stated Bhatia. It’s certainly hard to argue with that logic, and it’s even harder to argue that people don’t like free things.

On top of that, the analyst reported that since Battlefield 3 is launching two weeks before Modern Warfare 3, it should presumably receive some decent sales numbers within that gap. However, once MW3 does make its appearance, sales will understandably slow down and take a noticeable dip. It certainly won’t stop BF3 from selling a decent amount of copies once the holidays make their annual appearance a few weeks later.

Anticipation for Battlefield 3 should really start building up now, and the recently announced BF3 beta launch at the end of this month will also help secure even more pre-orders.

Battlefield 3 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 25th.

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Source: Gamasutra