DICE Teasing Future 'Battlefield 2143' Game in 'Battlefield 3' Easter Egg?

Battlefield 2143 Easter Egg

Now that the Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 fanboy war has seemingly quieted down - many video game fans are already looking toward 2012 for their gaming fix. Historical release patterns, hiring reports, as well as direct Activision comments, pretty much guarantee we'll see a new Call of Duty title in 2012; however, with EA and DICE offering-up another solid title for military action-FPS fans - what will the publisher and developer pair release next?

If a new Battlefield 3 easter egg, planted in the recent Back to Karkland DLC pack, is any indication - it sounds as though DICE might be gearing-up for a sequel to their Battlefield 2142 game, tentatively titled Battlefield 2143.

While we're still in the dark regarding the oft-rumored Call of Duty: Future Warfare game, DICE released Battlefield 2142 back in 2006 and essentially planted their franchise staples (larger battles, team-based strategy, etc) in the 22nd century - where the fictional European Union and Pan Asian Coalition duked it out in the frozen battlegrounds of a new ice age.

Most of the vehicles and munitions were just futuristic versions of similar "modern" equipment - although certain game modes as well as tools of destruction drew heavily from the futuristic setting. As a result, Battlefield 2142 quickly became a fan-favorite title - since DICE managed to ground it in familiar and realistic (i.e. not over the top) mechanics while also changing-up the formula a bit.

That said, according to a report at Battlefield 3 Blog, a new Battlefield 3 easter egg could hint that Battlefield 2143 is en route. The easter egg, a "2143" graffiti tag in the the Wake Island map (part of the Back to Karkand map pack), is hardly definitive proof and, at this point, it's unclear whether or not the tease actually means that Battlefield 2143 is a tangible possibility. Although, DICE does have a track-record of planting hints about future titles in current games - as Battlefield 2142 was teased with similar in-game easter eggs (i.e. a license plate in the Battlefield 2 "Armored Fury" DLC pack).

Check out the Battlefield 2143 teaser below (courtesy of the Battlefield 3 Blog):

battlefield 2143 wake island

Gamespot followed-up on the potential game - to which a EA representative politely replied with the game industry staple blow-off:

"We love our fans attention to detail and hunger for more Battlefield but there is no news on this front."

Battlefield 2142 was a PC-only title and, for some time, there'd been hope that DICE would port the game to consoles. That said, console-only players have reason to optimistic, as the 2143 tease appears in the console versions - and there's little doubt that DICE would love to expand the formula to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

As a result, it's likely that console gamers will finally get to join-up for the futuristic warfare in Battlefield 2143 - assuming there's any truth to this rumor.


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Source: Battlefield 3 Blog [via Gamespot]

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