Next Battlefield Game Avoiding Pay-to-Win After Battlefront 2 Controversy

With a trailer in the works for the upcoming installment in the Battlefield franchise, fans of the game seem to have some high expectations, especially after the microtransaction controversy in Battlefront 2. However, a source close to EA and DICE let it slip that “no one’s gonna do pay-to-win stuff anymore” and “[EA] didn’t take any of the loot box controversy lightly.”

These worries about the next Battlefield come from the major catastrophe that was Battlefront 2 loot boxes. Players were angered by the fact that the game itself retailed for $60, but it seemed as if purchasing loot boxes were necessary to be good at the game and to get every item.

Hopefully EA has learned its lesson and this could mean Battlefield is going to go back to its previous style of loot boxes, where all the earnings are completely cosmetic and do nothing to affect the game. Of course, this is all speculation at this point because gamers don’t even know the setting of the game itself yet (though reports are saying the game might be set in World War II), let alone how it will handle microtransactions and loot boxes.

Players can hold out hope to possibly see something substantial from EA on the next Battlefield game come E3 2018, as a test build of the game was leaked earlier this week. This test build doesn’t show more than a possible title screen, so players still have the anticipation of what the latest Battlefield has to offer.

With whatever EA decides to release, players can hopefully see their frustrations turn into something good. EA seems to understand that players want fully fleshed out games and to not have to deal with pay-to-win economies in $60 releases. This combined with a likely desire to avoid Battlefront 2-like controversies in 2018 means it won't be surprising if this rumor turns out to be true and the next Battlefield game avoids pay-to-win entirely.

The next entry in the Battlefield franchise has yet to be officially announced.

Source: Kotaku

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