Battlefield 1 Details the Weapons of World War 1


The game developers at DICE reveal some of the details involving the World War 1 weapons for use in its forthcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 1.

With the developers of Battlefield 1 having recently released a short little teaser reveal for the game's multiplayer, DICE has apparently decided to continue eking out information about its game influenced by the history of World War I as the company prepares for the title's showing at E3 2016. As it happens, Battlefield 1's lead weapon designer Julian Schimek has now detailed what kinds of weapons will be featured in the game, and how they will be different than those seen in previous entries in the studio's first-person shooter franchise.

Interestingly enough, DICE gave the popular Twitch livestreamer known as Darkness429 the chance to take part in a Q&A regarding Battlefield 1's weapons, with the gamer prompting Schimek to respond to queries involving gadgets, melee combat, sniper rifles, and whether or not players will have the ability to customize weapons. For starters, Schimek explains that Battlefield 1's weapons are supposedly set to be of a "more specialized" variety than those in prior installments, and states that fans will need to have a good sense of their capabilities, as he says:

"To get the most out of them, you have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and use the right one in the right situation. Putting your weapon to good use will feel more rewarding than ever before."


For those unaware, Battlefield 1's weapons are going to be categorized into six different sections: shotguns, SMGs, LMG, semi-automatics, side-arms, and sniper rifles. When speaking about the last weapon listed in that specific series of gun types, Schimek describes how DICE intends on altering their role a bit, saying, "The biggest change is that you will actually be the most effective when you stay at the right distance to your target. It's not all about being as far away as possible."

As far as Battlefield 1's weapon customization goes, DICE assures its fans that the particular feature will be more "focused," by utilizing pre-set loadouts for each of the weapons in the game with the ability to customize them for various playstyles. Other than letting fans equip bayonets to guns to run through enemies and "[change] the zoom levels, reticles, and more," the studio didn't go into full details on the matter. Bearing that in mind, we will more than likely get more concrete information during the game's multiplayer showing of a 64-player battle at E3 2016.

In any event, with many Battlefield 1 fans believing that giving the title a World War I setting was the right move, it's safe to presume that most gamers are ready for the first-person shooter's stage show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week. As far as we're concerned, Battlefield 1 is beyond the shadow of a doubt one of our most anticipated games of the event.

Battlefield 1 is set for release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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