The Battlefield 1 Winter Update fixes a few bugs, unnerfs the Martini-Henry, and adds map-voting, ribbons and new customization options to multiplayer.

EA Dice will be rolling out its Battlefield 1 Winter Update today and has revealed some of the changes this patch is making ahead of time. The update will affect gameplay very little and is mostly about fixing numerous bugs found in the 2016 hit as well as improving the progression system for player characters. It is likely to be the last big update before the first paid DLC, They Shall Not Pass, lands next month.

Battlefield 1 brings the hectic first-person shooter action DICE has become famous for to the trenches of World War I. Despite many observers thinking that the static warfare of the Western front would not make for much of a game, the developer team managed to pull it off and Battlefield 1 was the second-best selling game of last year. Featuring intense action set on all fronts of the Great War, the game occasionally took a few liberties with historical accuracy, but generally offered players the kind of frenetic action they have come to expect from the studio.

As with all games, Battlefield 1 had its share of bugs upon release, but the studio was quick to fix most of them. The Winter Update should fix the few that are left today, including some issues with the UI and a glitch where the heavy tank didn’t show up on the mini map. The Martini-Henry rifle has been unnerfed again, after players complained that it lacked punch after the last patch. According to Gamespot, however, the biggest changes in the Winter Update are related to player progression in the Battlefield 1 multiplayer mode.

Battlefield 1 Single Player Trailer

The biggest single change to Battlefield 1 is that players will now be able to progress their characters up to rank 50, where first they were only able to get as high as 10. This affects all classes, including elite kits and means that at every milestone — every 10 ranks — players will be able to add customization options and dog tags to their kill cards. Making a re-entry are ribbons, which are basically small achievements that give an XP reward and can be unlocked while playing, without setting a goal like is necessary with medals.

The Battlefield 1 Winter Update also adds new privileges for people who have rented multiplayer servers from DICE: from now on they will be allowed to kick and even ban players from participating in matches. Also added is an optional map-voting feature, though EA Dice has said they will see how well it does on custom servers before implementing it on official ones. It will allow players at the end of each match to vote on one of two maps to play on next and should prove to be an great addition to the already excellent multiplayer of one of 2016’s best games.

Taken altogether, the Winter Update seems like it will whet players’ appetites for Battlefield 1 long enough to sit out the arrival of the They Shall Not Pass DLC and provide plenty of multiplayer fun in the meantime.

Battlefield 1 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.