The official Battlefield Twitter confirms that the Battlefield 1 Winter Update will launch next week, which will bring new bug fixes, balances, and improvements to the game.

There’s no disputing the success of Battlefield 1 over the last few months. The World War I shooter came in right behind Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as the one of the best selling games of 2016, beating out fellow shooters Overwatch and Titanfall 2.

To maintain the success of Battlefield 1, Electronic Arts and DICE have been consistently tweaking the game, fixing bugs, and releasing new content. According to the official Battlefield Twitter account, Battlefield 1 players can expect another round of changes and fixes next week when the Winter Update drops on all platforms. While the tweet doesn’t offer any details about what the Winter Update will include, it’s expected that the changes and fixes will contain what’s currently available in the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment, or CTE.

DICE confirmed in January that a major update would be coming in February, but that it wouldn’t include new content. Some gamers were able to start testing the upcoming changes at the end of January when DICE sent out CTE invites. So far, it sounds like those changes have been well accepted by players and should help bring additional balance to the game.

The next round of new content will land when DICE releases Battlefield 1’s first set of paid DLC, known as They Shall Not Pass. The expansion is due out next month and brings with it the new Frontlines game mode, a new Elite Class, a new tank and stationary weapon, and more for players to enjoy. CTE players have not yet played They Shall Not Pass, but it’s expected that Season Pass CTE members will be able to try the upcoming expansion before it launches in March.

This follows from previous additional content that has made its way into the game. In December, DICE launched Giant’s Shadow, a free Battlefield 1 DLC that included a map and grenade crossbow weapon. At the time, gamers applauded DICE’s release of free content and many showed their support by picking up the Season Pass, which gives access to upcoming paid DLCs.


DICE has yet to confirm a specific day next week for the Winter Update. Once the date is set, DICE will undoubtedly release a full set of patch notes with details about all the planned fixes coming in the update. Hopefully, the update will make Battlefield 1 an even better experience for players.

What would you like to see DICE change or fix in Battlefield 1’s Winter Update?

Battlefield 1 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.