Battlefield 1: All Weapons, Maps, Game Modes, and More Revealed

Battlefield 1: All Weapons, Maps, Game Modes, and More Revealed - Battefield 1 trench warfare

Reddit user Lobix300 data mines the Battlefield 1 closed alpha, prematurely revealing the game's weapons, maps, game modes, campaign levels, and more.

The centerpiece of EA's E3 2016 press conference was Battlefield 1, the upcoming World War I shooter from DICE. Even so, not a whole lot of new information was revealed for the game at E3, with most of its presence at the event consisting of celebrities playing the game's multiplayer. Even though EA has been somewhat secretive about Battlefield 1, however, pretty much anything anyone could want to know about the game has now been leaked.

The information was leaked by Reddit user Lobix, and was discovered by data-mining Battlefield 1's closed alpha. The leak reveals every weapon players will have access to in the game, the names of all the multiplayer maps, and also offers some of the first concrete details on the game's campaign.

As it turns out, previous information leaked about Battlefield 1's campaign was more or less right on the money. The list of campaign episodes have now been confirmed thanks to the data-mining, though it appears as though a prologue episode has been added to the mix as well. Furthermore, reports that Battlefield 1's campaign will only have six levels have been exaggerated, as it technically has seven episodes (counting the prologue), and each episode is split up into multiple chapters, for 20 total chapters in the campaign.


Throughout the campaign and multiplayer, players will have access to over 30 firearms from the World War I era, along with some brutal melee weapons, ranging from hatches to clubs. And in true Battlefield fashion, players will also be able to wield a variety of class-specific gadgets, including mines, tripwire bombs, gas masks, and more.

These weapons and items will be used across Battlefield 1's 10 multiplayer maps, and its eight different game modes. The modes include standard Battlefield fare, such as Rush, Conquest, and Team Deathmatch, but there are a couple of unique game modes as well. Air Superiority from Battlefield 4 is returning for Battlefield 1, and a mysterious game mode called Behemoth has also been discovered.

While fans are probably most interested in the maps and game modes, the Battlefield 1 data-mining has also revealed special dogtags players will be able to obtain for the game. These dogtags are unlocked in unique ways, such as participating in the game's closed alpha and open beta, or attending real world Battlefield 1 events. We imagine that EA will expand on these dog tags and all the different ways players can unlock them around the same time it offers more beta news, which is promised soon.

It's unfortunate for EA and DICE that so much information on Battlefield 1 has been leaked ahead of schedule thanks to this data-mining, but fans may appreciate having some of their questions answered. In the meantime, fans can still look forward to a full campaign reveal for the game, news on the open beta, and more, so there's still some surprises left in store for Battlefield 1 enthusiasts.

Battlefield 1 will be available on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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