DICE and Electronic Arts release a brand new trailer for the forthcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 1 that showcases some of the vehicles from the game.

Following last week’s Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer focusing on infantry weapons, the developers at DICE and Electronic Arts decided that the next best feature to detail in its video series for the title would be its World War I-inspired vehicles, such as tanks, fighters, and bombers. As many Battlefield 1 fans might expect, since one of the most notable military innovations that came from the Great War was the tank, so the majority of the game’s newest footage centers around the armored vehicles.

Of course, the nearly two minute-long Battlefield 1 video found below doesn’t solely focus on tanks, for some of the game’s aerial combat vehicles are touched on as well. Unfortunately, though, apparatuses like battleships and the zeppelin that were present in the first-person shooter’s official reveal trailer are not given further details in the latest piece of footage.

This isn’t the first instance of Battlefield 1 developers heavily highlighting armored army vehicles for the sake of the game’s promotion. As it happens, a couple of months ago, the title’s official Twitter account posted a tweet centering around the promise of an epic tank battle to be present in the final edition of Battlefield 1.

For those Battlefield 1 fans excited over DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ latest clip above, an open beta is set to release after gamescom 2016 which will presumably allow players to commandeer all of the various vehicles available in the release. However, developers have yet to divulge exactly what the test will contain, so it’s important to pump the brakes when it comes to concluding that such transportation is going to be included.


While we’re still on the topic of vehicles, Electronic Arts recently made a blog post teasing its intentions to reveal a new map and possibly a type of train next week. Bearing this in mind, such information could be a part of the next entry in Battlefield 1‘s ongoing series of weekly videos for the game. Whatever it is, though, the company has announced that we get to see them detailed on August 16.

Taking into consideration all of this technology from the Great War being a main focus of Battlefield 1, many fans believe DICE and Electronic Arts made the right move as far as dialing back the clock and putting the game in a World War I setting goes, as the decision could potentially rejuvenate the franchise. Interestingly enough, however, during a recent earnings call, the publisher expressed excitement for the title, but projected somewhat conservative figures for its sales prediction for the shooter. Nevertheless, only time will tell if Battlefield 1 can go on to become a smash hit and outclass its competition on launch day and beyond.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battlefield – YouTube (via GameSpot)