DICE and Electronic Arts provide official information on the latest update for the shooter Battlefield 1, detailing its weapon nerfs, Spectator Mode, and more.

With Battlefield 1‘s Giant’s Shadow DLC set to officially launch on December 20 for the general public and on December 13 for players who decided to go all-in on the title by purchasing the game’s Premium Pass, the developers for the World War I-inspired FPS have decided to finally lay the groundwork for the game’s expansion by releasing the new, full-fledged update tomorrow. Of course, not only will fans of the shooter be experiencing a brand new map with the update, but also Battlefield 1 is set to receive gameplay additions and tweaks including a Spectator Mode, weapon nerfs, and much more.

As described by the developer in a blog post, when it comes to Battlefield 1‘s Spectator Mode, players will be able to watch a live match as an observer should they not want to take part in the action. As an observer, fans can toggle between first- and third-person camera views, make use of a bird’s eye view camera that provides a much wider look at the fight, and even utilize a “Free Cam” option that lets players shift the perspective to any point on the map.

In reference to the alterations being made to weapons’ effectiveness with tomorrow’s update, theĀ Battlefield 1 patch changes shotgun balance, with the goal being to “[even] out advantages and disadvantages of each shotgun type.” As DICE describes it, some shotguns were overpowered at “certain distances,” so the studio shortening the range for buckshot variants of the M97 Trench Gun, Model 10-A, and Sawed Off Shotgun.


In addition to shotguns’ capabilities being refined in Battlefield 1, the game’s syringe cooldown for medics is also getting a change, as are other gameplay aspects such as sprinting and spawning into a landship. However, no specific details on these elements were mentioned, as DICE will put forth the information in the full patch notes tomorrow, December 13, when the update goes live.

Another addition to be found within the forthcoming Battlefield 1 update is a new option for Custom Games. When enacted, classes will be limited to using only one rifle, which is the one that each class begins with in the fight. DICE’s inclusion of this feature is aiming for an added sense of verisimilitude, as the developer explains, “These weapons are not equipped with optics, and are intended to provide players with gameplay inspired by the WWI trenches.”

Of course, despite DICE going for realistic aspects of World War I, one of the more exciting additions coming in tomorrow’s update will be Battlefield 1‘s grenade crossbow, which will allow players to launch explosive attacks at their enemies from a distance. Taking all of these game-changing features into account, one can only imagine what Battlefield 1‘s first piece of paid DLC will be like when They Shall Not Pass comes out in March 2017.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.