Battlefield 1 Fall Update Now Available

Battlefield 1 Fall Update

Battlefield 1's first major patch, the Fall Update, is now live across all platforms and it makes significant balance changes to several maps and game modes.

Battlefield 1 is already one of the most successful games of 2016, launching October 21 ahead of other fall shooters including Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. With several weeks of players online running the game's multiplayer modes through the wringer, EA DICE has had plenty of time to analyze and prioritize pressing issues. The result is today's launch of Battlefield 1's "Fall Update," the multiplayer shooter's first major patch.

The major focus of the Fall Update is two-fold: bugs and balance. Content and feature additions, while there are one or two, will not be the focus of the Fall Update. The game's first premium expansion won't be arriving until March 2017, in fact, though there are plans for some free DLC before too long. Those feature additions include things like the ability to customize one's soldier from within the UI, the ability to join Custom Games from Multiplayer, and changes to allow players to buy Battlepacks -- though they're not available just yet.

Bug fixes in the Fall Update cover a broad landscape of small-sized issues. There's issues like providing both teams the correct motorcycles in Conquest on Sinai Desert, terrain destruction issues on the Monte Grappa and Empire's Edge maps, and silly things like players being able to switch teams as a match is ending. Technical issue fixes are also in quantity, including CPU and DX12 optimizations and crash fixes. Note that there are reports of new technical issues on the PS4 as a result of the patch, so make sure to pass on details to EA DICE to help get things fixed.

Battlefield 1 Fall Update Live - Map Changes

The meat of Battlefield 1's Fall Update is the balance changes, however, which should come as wonderful news to die-hard players who loved Operations but had to stop playing it. Yes, Operations were a focus for EA DICE in the Fall Update. Attackers were having a much more difficult time winning maps than defenders. Here are some of the changes EA Dice is making to the Operations game mode:

  • 64 player
    • Increase attacker maximum tickets from 150 to 250
    • Increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders after capturing a sector from 2 to 3.
    • Increased the amount of minimum ticket regained when capturing a sector in 64p Operations from 30 to 50.
    • Slightly reduced the time it takes to capture flags.

    Conquest Mode is also getting a pass-over, specifically on the Suez Conquest map.  Two more flags have been added so dominating teams can't control all objectives with relative ease. Armored cars will begin spawning at each team's HQs to help make comebacks a little easier to launch.

    Gun and vehicle balance has also been changed, which will likely be the most significant part of the Fall Update for most players. Anti-air now does less damage, so players can start taking to the air again. Especially because planes have been buffed in several ways. Light machine guns have also been buffed, as well as support machine guns. Opposedly, the BAR M1918 has had its horizontal recoil increased. Other balance changes can be found in the full Fall Update patch notes.

    The name of the Fall Update implies these types of major balance patches will be seasonal, but maybe EA DICE will have something else before the year's end since so many new players will likely start during the holidays. And of course look forward to new details on EA DICE's planned free DLC content coming soon.

    Battlefield 1 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Fall Update is now live across all platforms and will require a 2.2GB download.

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