DICE reveals its plans for Battlefield 1 in the near-future, including new game types, balance tweaks, bug fixes, and the release of the Giant’s Shadow multiplayer map.

Going with a World War I setting for Battlefield 1 was a major gamble for DICE and Electronic Arts, but it is one that has paid off. The game has been a tremendous sales success for the companies involved, and now DICE is considering ways it can keep players engaged with its latest title. DICE laid out its plans to keep fans interested in Battlefield 1 in a blog post that pointed to a major update coming to the game later this month, and a free new map landing in December.

According to DICE, Battlefield 1 is getting a major update later this month that will include balance tweaks, bug fixes, and the addition of the rent-a-server program to the game. This update will also add a new custom game type for fans to play, though DICE stopped short of revealing what new game type is coming to Battlefield 1.

It’s possible the new game type DICE is referring to is Fog of War, a mode already teased in the game’s menus and said to be coming during the Battlefest event. Battlefest is a special event in Battlefield 1 that is scheduled to begin on November 16th and run for a week, and it will include Fog of War, new cosmetic items, and unspecified new activities for players to engage in.

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Beyond Battlefest and the major update, DICE discussed some other changes on the way for Battlefield 1, but didn’t say exactly when fans can expect to see these changes implemented in the game. For example, DICE will be tweaking the Suez map for the Conquest game type to make it more balanced, and it will also be adding Hardcore servers as well.

For those enjoying Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer, these changes and new additions should be exciting. However, one of the biggest additions to Battlefield 1 is coming a bit later, in December, when DICE releases the Giant’s Shadow map. Giant’s Shadow will be available as a free download for everyone that owns Battlefield 1, and should go a long way in adding more variety to the game.

By adding new maps and game modes to Battlefield 1, DICE stands a better chance of retaining a large community of players, even in the face of other high profile shooters like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If these early updates manage to keep players engaged, expect DICE’s support of the game to well into 2017, perhaps right up to the release of the Star Wars Battlefront sequel and beyond.

Battlefield 1 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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