Battlefield 1 Guide: How to Unlock All Weapons

With Battlefield 1 releasing this week, gamers will be searching for the best weapons to use in the game. Here's our guide to unlocking all weapons in Battlefield 1.

With the official launch of Battlefield 1 set for tomorrow, millions of gamers will jump into the World War I shooter to take on friends and strangers in brutal fashion. Like the games before it, Battlefield 1 offers a large arsenal of weapons for players to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. But in order to find a favorite, players will need to go through the process of unlocking each weapon, then purchasing the ones they want to use.

Just like previous Battlefield games, players will need to progress through Battlefield 1’s class system to unlock the game’s guns. There are four classes available, each with their own set of weapons to unlock and use. To help those just starting out in the game, here is Game Rant’s guide to unlocking weapons in Battlefield 1.

Unlocking Guns

Battlefield 1 Guide: How to Level Up Fast - Battlefield 1 trench warfare

Battlefield 1 has four classes for players to choose from: Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout. Each class has its own list of unique guns that benefit the role that class plays. For instance, the Assault class focuses on taking down enemy vehicles, so players are given numerous explosives to choose from. Since players will be getting up close and personal with tanks, and therefore enemy players, they’re outfitted with submachine guns and shotguns.

In order to unlock the full range of weapons for each class in Battlefield 1, players will need to level up that class by playing matches, getting kills, and fulfilling roles pertaining to that class. Keeping with the Assault example, players will need to work with their team to gun down enemies at close range, while also taking out enemy tanks with coordinated explosive attacks.

Naturally, weapons within a particular class will only become available as players rank up that class. That means players need to determine which weapons they’re most interested in, and level up the associated class.

Some guns are available for more than one class, but players will still need to unlock them through a particular class before they can use them. For instance, side arms are available across classes, but each side arm can only be unlocked through a particular class.

Once players unlock weapons, they will need to purchase them before they can use them.

Purchasing Weapons


Unlike Battlefield 4 where players could use weapons immediately upon unlocking them, Battlefield 1 adopts a form of weapon unlocking similar to Battlefield Hardline and requires players to purchase the guns they want to use once they’ve been unlocked.

To purchase weapons, players will need to earn War Bonds. War Bonds are rewarded as players rank up their character level. Each level will earn players 90 War Bonds. All new weapon and gear unlocks require players to spend War Bonds, though not every item costs the same. Understandably, primary weapons cost more than most other equipment and gear.

With this in mind, players will need to be strategic with their weapon purchasing. Chances are players will unlock weapons faster than they can purchase them, so choosing the right weapon is important. Unfortunately, there’s no way for players to try weapons in multiplayer before committing to a purchase, so it’s possible players may unlock a weapon, only to find out they don’t like it. That said, players can get a feel for different weapons in the game by playing through the single player campaign, which provides plenty of opportunities to try different weapons. As players complete missions, they can take note of the weapons they like the most, then search for those within the classes in multiplayer.

Picking the Best Weapon


With Battlefield 1 releasing tomorrow, players will be anxious to discover which of the many weapons are best in the game’s multiplayer. Considering gamers will be tackling this game hard over the weekend, it likely won’t be long before players discover the best weapons available, helping fellow players know which guns to unlock and purchase with their precious War Bonds.

Are you planning to pick up Battlefield 1? Are there any weapons you’re looking forward to using?

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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