Developers for DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ forthcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 1 reveal features of the World War I game’s armored train vehicle.

Now that Battlefield 1‘s open beta launch date has been officially revealed by the title’s developers, a lot of gamers are probably wondering what to expect out of the first-person shooter’s gameplay before taking part in the action. Perhaps most specifically, those fans of the franchise are curious as to if it will be possible to actually commandeer and drive the train featured in the FPS’ most recently released trailer at gamescom 2016.

According to the video game developers at DICE, Battlefield 1 fans will most definitely be able to take control of the armored train, and it isn’t just going to be a mode of transportation that will only accommodate enough space for one person driving. Interestingly enough, the “Behemoth” vehicle will also allow up to six separate individuals in the train at once, including the player maneuvering it.

Yes, you can control the Armored Train. There's room for a crew, too. #Battlefield FAQ
— Battlefield (@Battlefield) August 21, 2016

As seen in the GIF file embedded in the tweet above, the crews for the trains in Battlefield 1 will not only be able to take up passenger space aboard the vehicle, but also they will have the ability to fire powerful turret guns at any enemies as it moves along the tracks. If used correctly, players will be able to either continue dominating during a round of multiplayer gameplay, or pull their team out of the dredges of defeat with the use of the locomotive’s combat capabilities.

Those fans eager to try out the train will be able to do so soon enough once Battlefield 1‘s beta goes live at the end of this month. DICE and Electronic Arts developers will give those taking part in the test a chance to pilot the iron horse in the Sinai Desert map. In addition to having access to the train as a feature, the location will also sport dynamic weather, meaning that matches’ environments will vary dramatically from one battle to another.


Much like the armored trains, one other Behemoth vehicle in Battlefield 1 with the capacity to reign supreme over the competition is the gigantic zeppelin airship, which can also be navigated by players. Even though the notion of captaining the aerial mechanism is surely an exciting prospect, some fans have been considering whether or not it and all of the other vehicles are true to the World War I experience. With that being the case, those gamers will be pleased to know that their use in the title is historically accurate according to the historian Indy Neidell.

Beyond the authentic role that vehicles play in Battlefield 1, DICE and Electronic Arts will be the first to admit that the game’s World War I weapons don’t necessarily reflect as much verisimilitude as some might have anticipated. In order to make the title work more successfully within the paradigm of a modern shooter, several of the ways in which the gun models operate have been modified somewhat. However, including such alterations isn’t to say that Battlefield 1 won’t be a good game. In fact, considering our hands on E3 2016 preview, we would assert that its multiplayer action is spectacular.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battlefield – Twitter (via GameSpot)