EA DICE’s Battlefield 1 is officially unveiled and the cinematic in-engine trailer, set to a remix of ‘Seven Nation Army,’ is available for everyone to watch.

A week of teasers has culminated in EA DICE’s official unveiling of the next major release in the Battlefield franchise. Introducing Battlefield 1, the franchise’s first title set in World War 1. Focusing on intense huge battles, some of the biggest vehicles in the franchise yet, and visceral, in-your-face action, Battlefield 1 is EA DICE’s project dedicated to the origin of modern war. This is where the modern battlefield was born, which is why it’s only fitting for the title to be named Battlefield 1.

As is expected of the Battlefield franchise, the game will be split into single player campaign and multiplayer components. Regarding the latter, the online multiplayer is confirmed to feature as many as 64 players simultaneously, with battles taking place in the air, on the ground, or over the sea. Weapon customization is in and EA DICE’s patented “Destruction” from recent iterations of the franchise will also be returning. Specifically, players can look forward to all the all the pistols, machine guns, flame throwers, tanks, biplanes, mustard gas and for the first time ever — horse mounts.

Single players, according to EA DICE, will be the largest campaign yet. The campaign will be played from the perspective of several different people. While EA DICE didn’t directly say those people will be from different factions of the war — Allied or Central Forces — it was heavily implied. Missions will also take place all across the face of the war, on all fronts. Anyone paying attention to the reveal trailer should be able to pick out a few key locations they’ll see in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1‘s official reveal trailer, as expected, is absolutely gorgeous. It must be noted that while all footage in the trailer is running in-engine (on the Xbox One, too), none of the footage is of actual gameplay and should not be perceived as exactly what the game will deliver. That said, the trailer does show what EA DICE is aiming for in Battlefield 1. They want intense, visceral action, specifically using the word “physicality” to define the type of action players will experience in EA DICE’s World War I battles.

Just to note some of the obvious points of interest within the trailer, pay plenty of attention to both the foreground and the background. In the foreground, EA DICE focuses on soldier-to-soldier action with lots of melee combat, including bayonets, spiked maces, shovels and flamethrowers. As the action blends backwards vehicles and larger weapons are shown, from horses, tanks and biplanes to mustard gas, machine guns, artillery fire, and crumbling towers. In the far background are the largest tools of destruction, including battleships and dirigibles. The message should be clear: Battlefield 1 will deliver constant, map-encompassing WWI action.

Will EA DICE deliver on those promises? They decided not to show any gameplay from Battlefield 1 during the reveal, which is understandable given the nearness of E3. Still, it’s pretty courageous in this day and age to give fans a cinematic trailer, promise them the best Battlefield in the franchise yet, and then not show any gameplay. E3 can’t come soon enough.

Battlefield 1 releases October 21, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.