Developer DICE teases a brand new trailer for upcoming shooter Battlefield 1 on its official Twitter channel, suggesting that the next full trailer will showcase a tank battle.

Since Battlefield 1 was first unveiled by publisher EA through the game’s official reveal trailer, fans of the first-person shooter franchise have been incredibly excited about exactly what developer DICE has in store. With the promise of the game having a strong showing at this year’s E3, the title quickly jumped up the list of many a gamer’s most anticipated games of E3 2016. Now, DICE has revealed another teaser trailer that once more whets the appetite.

This time, it’s the official Battlefield Twitter account that showcases some brand new footage from the game. The teaser trailer revealed points towards the video that gamers will be able to see during the EA Play event taking place on Sunday, June 12. If this teaser is anything to go by, then this new Battlefield 1 reveal is going to be breathtaking.

Although this teaser only gives away 15 seconds of content, it’s more than enough to get fans excited. Battlefield 1 looks set to have tense tank battles, with the player character taking on these fearsome machines with a selection of explosives. If DICE sticks to its commitment to World War I weaponry, then this could prove to be a highly challenging part of the game.

It's almost here. A new #Battlefield 1 trailer is coming on June 12. Subscribe now:— Battlefield (@Battlefield) June 11, 2016

It’s not just epic tank battles such as the one teased here that players will have to contend with, either. DICE’s lead designer Daniel Berlin has previously stated that the game will not follow a single character, but will instead “focus on different stories and different personalities across the world.” As well as this, Battlefield 1 is going to “challenge some preconceptions” about World War I, giving players a glimpse at lesser known stories such as the Harlem Hellfighters and Bedouin warriors.

In spite of fan excitement for the game, Battlefield 1‘s World War I setting nearly never made it into production. EA has revealed that it nearly shot down the World War I pitch of the game, before eventually greenlighting the project. Somewhat bizarrely, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen went on to explain why the publisher struggled to see the potential in the setting, stating that it was worried a younger audience would not know that World War I happened – a strange choice of words given that Battlefield 1 will no doubt receive a Mature rating.

Nonetheless, DICE was able to push forward with the plan it had, and so far the reception has been positive. Gamers will have more of an idea how the title is shaping up after E3 2016, with the suggestion that multiplayer gameplay footage will be released, potentially in the form of a livestream of a 64-player multiplayer match. Hopefully, Battlefield 1 will continue to impress.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will launch its next trailer during EA Play on Sunday, June 12.

Source: Battlefield (Twitter)