Battlefield 1 Has the Smallest Gun We've Ever Seen

Early Battlefield 1 players uncover one of the first Easter eggs with the Kolibri, one of the smallest and most hilarious looking pistols ever seen in a Battlefield game.

The highly anticipated WWI shooter, Battlefield 1 is nearly hear and already Easter eggs and secrets tucked away inside the game have started to appear online. Longtime fans are well aware that DICE enjoys hiding secrets and easter eggs in its games such as this incredibly elaborate one found in Battlefield 4. While it may not be a giant shark or a drivable couch, early Battlefield 1 players have come across one of the wackiest and most interesting guns ever seen in a Battlefield game.

In a new Battlefield 1 clip from YouTuber JackFrags, a brand new pistol can be seen around the 7 minute and 42 second mark. The first and most obvious thing gamers will notice with this pistol is that it is absolutely tiny and makes the soldier look like he's holding a tea cup. The firing and reloading animations are just as hilarious, giving the weapon the appearance of a toy and not fit for such a large and brutal conflict like World War I.


Battlefield fans would be forgiven in thinking this is some sort of joke or a fan created internet prank, but in actuality, this gun is not only available to use in the game but it really did exist. Known as the Kolibri pistol, this 2mm weapon was created by an Austrian watchmaker between 1910 and 1914. Considering its small size, the tiny pistol had poor accuracy and wasn't great in doling out damage which translates directly into Battlefield 1 based on that short clip.

After taking six rounds point blank, the enemy soldier not only lives to tell the tale, but has a decent amount of health left over as well. It is because of this that the Kolibri will more than likely become a favorite weapon for people looking for a badge of honor or perhaps for those who enjoy trolling others.

Players eager to find out how to get their hands on this rare weapon don't have to wait any longer as Battlefield 1 is available now through EA Access. Xbox One and PC users who subscribe to the service can jump into the Play First Trial and play for up to 10 hours. Unfortunately, this isn't the full release as only two missions from the campaign will be available along with just four modes on five maps from the multiplayer side. For everyone else, EA has kicked off a week of Battlefield 1 streams giving fans ample opportunities to see more multiplayer gameplay in action before the game actually launches.

What do you think of this pocket pistol wonder? Will you be trying it out? Share your thoughts with us down below in the comments.

Battlefield 1 officially launches on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: JackFrags YouTube

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