Battlefield 1 Official Single Player Trailer Releases

Battlefield 1 Single Player Trailer

The single player campaign trailer for EA DICE's upcoming shooter, Battlefield 1, is now available to watch and contains 2 minutes of World War I "adventure."

With Battlefield 1's launch date less than a month away, fans have been hungering for even a morsel of the game's single player campaign. That morsel was provided by EA DICE yesterday, when the company released a teaser for a trailer showcasing its campaign. Today, EA DICE delivered, releasing a 2-minute long trailer showcasing the game's cast of unique characters, the various featured settings for the campaign, and even some action-heavy gameplay.

Over the cinematics and gameplay, a brief narration from what must be Battlefield 1's single player protagonist provides an interesting view into the themes of the campaign. Here is the first half of that narration:

"They push. We push. Every once and a while we push hard enough that the light breaks through the clouds and a world beyond the war glimmers. Behind every gun sight is a human being. We are those people."

The trailer showcases several diverse and interesting characters throughout the two minute duration, providing a look, as the narration claims, at some of the human beings behind the war. That seems to be the campaign's overall goal — to tell of the adventures of these soldiers in World War I. Characters include the woman with the facial tattoos who seems prominently featured in the North African theater, and the British photographer showcased in the trailer's teaser from yesterday.


While "adventure" may seem like somewhat of a lighthearted term to describe the events of World War I, that does seem to be a focus for EA DICE in Battlefield 1. The YouTube description calls the campaign "adventure-filled" and the action in the trailer certainly resonates with that description. From fist-fighting while riding a blazing dirigible to dogfights over the frozen Alps, Battlefield 1 seems keen to deliver extraordinary feats from the stage of World War 1.

Absent from the trailer are darker, more grounded themes that are also likely to be represented in Battlefield 1. World War I is well known as one of the most brutal and bloody wars in the world's history. The trailer shows flashes of these more honest representations, like the player pulling on a gas mask as they charge into a mustard gas-ridden battlefield or the  surreal standoff between two soldiers at the trailer's end. Understandably, the trailer focuses more on the adventure side for the sake of positive marketing, but the visceral warfare at the game's heart is clear.

Battlefield 1 will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting October 21.

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