Battlefield 1 Players Demand Refunds Following Server Problems


As Battlefield 1's servers continue to experience outages, some players demand refunds from EA and DICE, expressing frustration that they can't play multiplayer.

Although people have heaped tons of praise on Battlefield 1's single player campaign, players have been especially enthusiastic about its multiplayer. From ridiculous tank versus train battles to gravity defying kills, EA and DICE's new first person shooter is giving plans plenty of share-worthy multiplayer moments.

Sadly, though, that action isn't always available as Battlefield 1's servers have been experiencing some trouble. Since the game launched on October 21, several server outages have occurred, affecting multiple EA games (including FIFA 17). Though the server problems at launch were likely a result of the huge DDoS attack that affected most of the web in October, the problems have continued over the past few days and some disgruntled Battlefield 1 players have now demanded that they be given a refund.

According to reports, the server problems are affecting players of EA games across the globe, particularly in North America and the UK. The EA support Twitter account confirmed recent outages with logging into Origin and EA Access (from the last 22 hours), also saying that it has "resolved issues." However, players still claim that the problems are ongoing and though the support team does appear to be communicating with those affected, no official statement has been made. This, combined with the fact that the problems don't appear to be a one-off is fueling those refund demands.

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Also contributing to fan frustration is the fact that Battlefield 1's servers were already tested earlier this year, when the beta was hit with a DDoS attack. While it's true that the November examples of server problems may just be a result of the game's overwhelming popularity, players still argue that EA and DICE should have been prepared for this and should have taken steps to make sure outages didn't happen.

Some Battlefield 1 fans have also pointed out just how much EA and DICE have been using servers to both promote and make money from the game. In addition to Battlefield 1 server rentals, today there came news that there are plans to introduce hardcore servers too. "How can EA and DICE promote and monetize servers that don't work as they're supposed to?" is the question on players' lips. Even if it may be a minority of fans asking for refunds at the moment, hopefully EA and DICE will get the servers running right soon.

Battlefield 1 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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