Top 5 Battlefield 1 Digital Deals and Bonuses

In less than a week Battlefield 1 will grace all major platforms. In fact, in less than one day the Early Enlister edition will go live on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. If you're just about to open up your wallet to prep for some Battlefield 1 action next week and you've decided to go digital download for this purchase (after all it's 2016), you may as well partake in some pre-order deals on Battlefield 1. Yep, they're available even for digital copies.

As of writing, there are three digital download deals depending on your platform of choice. For Xbox One gamers, you can pick up either the Early Enlister or standard edition of Battlefield 1 for the Xbox One as a digital download code at the Microsoft Store. There you'll receive a $10 gift code as a pre-purchase bonus - good for any future purchase on the Microsoft Store (essentially $10 off your next Xbox One game).

For PC gamers, you can pick up the Origin key of Battlefield 1 Standard Edition at GMG for only $47.99 after logging in and adding the game to checkout. For PlayStation 4 owners, Best Buy is actually giving out their $10 rewards pre-order bonus to the Battlefield 1 PS4 digital copy being sold on their store. Note that all the deals above should be valid while the game is still under its pre-purchase period. Thus, October 18 for the Early Enlister version, and October 21 for the Standard Edition.

Update 10/22: Battlefield 1 is now released. The latest still available deals are listed below. Expired deals have been stroked-out

GMG/DLGamer PC Download

Both retailers are confirmed to be sending keys out immediately after purchase - so you can preload in time for tomorrow/tonight's full release.

Microsoft Store Xbox One Download

Best Buy Xbox One/PS4 Download

Expired Deals

Gamers familiar with Best Buy should will probably remember that there is the popular Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked membership which takes 20% off new game. This subscription benefit unfortunately doesn't extend to the digital version of Battlefield 1 being bought at Best Buy, so if you have GCU membership - buying physical is definitely the way to go. For the rest of us who prefer more "instant gratification," going digital is clearly the "fastest" route as long as you have the proper connection speed for the initial pre-load.

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