With the Battlefield 5 official reveal only hours away, leaks are aplenty. The new Battlefield title’s unexpected name and release date have both been leaked.

The official Battlefield reveal, EA DICE’s introduction to the next major release in the much loved franchise, is still scheduled for later today. Yet perhaps due to the size of the reveal, or perhaps just due to how near it is, leaks continue to pop up in increasing quantity. The first leak, the game’s official blue and orange box art, practically confirmed the game’s World War I setting. The latest leak goes a step further, confirming the title as Battlefield 1 and its launch date on October 18, 2016.

It appears the title gives more credence to the official setting of the game being set in World War I. Going with Battlefield 1 rather than the expected Battlefield 5 marks a turn in the franchise. Not only does it indicate a return to the past eras of war where Battlefield began, but perhaps also a reinvention of the franchise. Could Battlefield be starting an actual, sequel-based series with continuity between episodes? Or perhaps, as some are rumoring, Battlefield 1 will be an alternate timeline game. Who knows where the series could go from there.

October 18th isn’t as notable of news. Battlefield titles have always been October releases, except for Battlefield Hardline‘s delayed March launch. That is to say that Battlefield games always try to get the drop on the major November launches, including Call of Duty. It’s simply an opportunity to prove itself, however, as the release date alone certainly hasn’t helped Battlefield gain much ground on the sales behemoth that is Call of Duty. Maybe Battlefield 1 will be the one to change that.

The leaked image which confirmed Battlefield 1‘s title and the release date appears to come from some sort of promotional material. The details come attached to a slip regarding the game’s first major DLC, the “Hellfighter Pack” which is a pre-order bonus. Here’s the flavor text regarding the Hellfighter Pack DLC:

“Containing themed items inspired by the heroic Harlem Hellfighter infantry regiment.”

The Harlem Hellfighters were a prominent infantry regiment that participated in both World War I and II. That, again, gives credence to the idea that Battlefield 1 will start in World War I and the franchise going forward will be a continuation of the property.

While the decision to set the net Battlefield game in the past rather than the future, like so many shooter franchises are doing these days, may go against the grain, Battlefield 1 has actually done itself a favor. Battlefield 1 will manage to be the unique shooter this holiday season. Where other shooters go ahead in time, Battlefield 1 will be the first in many years to go back. Are game players ready to return to the World Wars that so many shooters in the 90s and 2000s set themselves in? Only time will tell.

Battlefield 1 is now planned for release on October 18 later this year, likely on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Consider that a rumor for now, however, as the official announcement won’t be happening until 11:00 AM PDT on the official Battlefield livestream.

Source: AllGamesDelta