The official Battlefield 1 Origin Page reveals the first details and pricing information for the Premium Pass alongside upcoming downloadable content and multiplayer maps.

As one of the most anticipated shooters of 2016, Battlefield 1 has been in the spotlight quite a bit lately thanks to industry events like E3 and gamescom. Fans have been able to see first hand the brutal combat of World War I on display including recent reveals of a hulking war train and the ability to ride horses into combat. While a few post launch content items have already been detailed, many fans were wondering if the game would follow some of the previous entries in the franchise by offering some sort of Premium subscription model. DICE has been fairly quiet on the subject until now.

Officially revealed from the Battlefield 1 Origin storefront page, the newly revealed Premium Pass offers players a two week head start on all four upcoming expansion packs for the game, amounting to a total of 16 new multiplayer maps. Additional extras bundled in with the pass include new game modes, new Elite classes, additional vehicles and weapons, and more customization options like dog tags.

battlefield 1 ww1 sniper

The first major expansion called They Shall Not Pass was also highlighted a little bit, revealing that the French army will be the first post-launch faction to be added into the game sometime in March 2017. No additional information was given regarding the other three packs, though the Russian Empire was name dropped as another army coming through post-launch content as well. Interested players can grab the Premium Pass for $49.99/£39.99.

While not exactly like the previously offered Premium subscription models, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass does offer players monthly bonuses in the form of Battlepacks, which will start to be issued out to owners in November. Other previous Premium bonuses like priority positioning in server queues, member only double experience days, and other unique perks were not mentioned at this time and it is unknown if these will even be available at all.

While most shooters have continued to advance towards a futuristic or sci-fi setting, DICE surprised many by going in a completely different direction to instead dive back into history with Battlefield 1. After extensive research on the period and the longer than expected green-lighting process with EA, the development team at DICE appears to be looking forward to breaking the common belief that warfare in World War I was confined to slow paced, trench combat.

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Battlefield 1 launches on October 21 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Battlefield 1 Origin Page