Complete Battlefield 1 Deals Roundup (Updated)

Battlefield 1 is now release. PC gamers can still reap a 20% off discount on the Origin code, just check below.

T-minus less two and a half weeks as Battlefield 1 goes live for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Pricing starts as the usual $59.99 that we're all familiar with, but this wouldn't be a pre-order deals roundup if we didn't find any discounts and bonuses ;) With Beta reviews fairly positive for Battlefield 1, pre-ordering may be worth checking into as digital pre-order incentives are now available from straight up savings to bonuses and gift codes. Ready yourself because it's Battlefield 1 deals galore all the way down.

If reading the entire post and scanning the details isn't to your liking. Here's the condensed editor pick version. For PC gamers: you can pick up the Origin key for $48 if you add to cart and use code VIP5 at GMG. For Xbox One gamers: you can pick up the Xbox One download code from Microsoft Store and receive a $10 bonus for your trouble. Codes are sent out immediately and you can get ready when pre-load rolls around. For PlayStation 4 gamers: choose either Dell or Best Buy as either will net you a $25 eGift card or $10 rewards respectively.

PC Origin Deals

Microsoft Store Xbox One Deals

Best Buy Deals

Dell Deals

Battlefield 1 Deals Low-down

As mentioned, for PC gamers your best bet is Green Man Gaming with a drop to $44.45. It's almost a 26% discount right off the bat with minimal hoops to jump through. To get the deal first you'll need to click here and either login or create an account. After login you will see a 26% discount to $44.45. Add the game to cart and that discount gets better with promo code VIP5 applied at checkout making a final price of $44.45. About as good as you can expect a pre-order discount can be. This is quite possibly the best Battlefield 1 deal yet.

Unless you have a paid membership somewhere, discounts on pre-order console games aren't available. However, even without one there are crazy good bonus offers if you know where to look. One of the bigger bonuses is at, who is offering a whopping $25 Gift Card bonus when you pre-order either an Xbox One, PS4, or PC DVD copy through them. It's impressive since that $25 is 40% the value of the game and can be used towards more video games or any future purchase at Dell. The gift card arrives via email 10-20 days after BF1 ships.

We live in a digital age - even for console gaming - so if you're an Xbox One gamer and want something a bit more instant than a physical CD, you can pre-order an Xbox One digital code through the Microsoft Store and still receive a decent $10 Gift Card bonus. A digital game code like this can be entered on Xbox Live early so you can begin pre-loading and start up the minute the game releases. Like Dell Home, the Gift Card is more like a Gift Code and can be used for anything at the Microsoft Store.

You can also pre-order physical copies of Battlefield 1 at the Microsoft Store and get free release day shipping so long as you buy before October 19 at 10AM Pacific. Update: This is not available at Microsoft as they've sold out of physical copies.

Last but not least there's Best Buy. The rewards membership plays a key role, with My Best Buy members getting $10 Rewards (basically a $10 Gift Card). You'll also be prompted at checkout to join Gamers Club Unlocked, which is a paid membership program to Best Buy. For $30 you get a 2-year membership and 20% off pre-order and newly released video games. It's a good program if you buy a lot of console video games at full price, but maybe not worth it just for Battlefield 1 alone.

Digital Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-ordering Battlefield 1 has its perks. Beyond the gift cards we've listed already, all copies will come with a Harlem Hellfighters DLC pack. This pack was inspired by the 369th Infantry Regiment in the US Army made up of African Americans and is featured on the cover of the game. The Hellfighters DLC includes:

  • Seven day early access to a new map to be released later in 2016
  • An in-game shotgun "Hellfighter Trench M1897"
  • Hellfighter M1911 sidearm pistol
  • Hellfighter Bolo knife
  • Unique Hellfighter Insignia

Battlefield 1 Early Enlister or Standard Edition?

The lucrative Early Enlister version of the game gets you access to the game starting October 18th instead of the October 21st Standard Edition start date. That's probably the main reason to pay a little extra, but in addition to that you do get the "Lawrence of Arabia" and the "Red Baron" DLC packs which both include unique weapons plus the Red Baron's tri-plane and a Lawrence of Arabia Black Stallion.

Should you want to go all out on Battlefield 1, the Early Enlister version of the game is the way to go. If you're a PC gamer, unfortunately you're out of luck with an Early Enlister deal as no bonus incentives or discounts exist - after all, the only place to pick up a copy is at Origin store.

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