Battlefield 1 Fan Tries to Play Game With Voice Commands


One intrepid fan of DICE's and Electronic Arts' forthcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 1 attempts to play the game by only using voice commands.

Battlefield 1's open beta has ended, but that hasn't stopped some fans of the World War I themed shooter from posting footage of their experiences in the title's virtual war zone online. As a matter of fact, one YouTuber going by the name of "Slimecicle" used their time during the game's testing period to attempt the seemingly impossible by trying to play and survive in Battlefield 1 with the use of voice commands only.

As seen in Slimecicle's video below, he gives it his all in Battlefield 1's Sinai Desert map, but more often than not, the YouTuber gets picked off by other players before even being able to mount an effective offensive. However, Slimecicle's voice command-only experience of the game's beta isn't without its triumphant moments, as he manages to drive one of the title's armored vehicles, and he also is able to successfully mount a gun turret, albeit briefly.


Naturally, as one would expect when it comes to eschewing a controller or keyboard and mouse for a first-person shooter like Battlefield 1, Slimecicle is mowed down by gunfire almost constantly. As a matter of fact, it's safe to say that the YouTuber spent most of his time in the game's beta either trying to simply move from one point to another or respawning.

Of course, while Slimecicle's decision to exclusively use his voice as the means to control his soldier is definitely an engaging spectacle, perhaps the more interesting notion is the fact that he maintained a steady link to Electronic Arts' servers during Battlefield 1's beta. As it happens, many players reported connectivity issues while attempting to delve into the open trial period, but shortly after the game's servers were hit with a DDoS attack lots of people declared it was too difficult to log into the online multiplayer test.


At any rate, this isn't the first instance of Slimecicle only using voice commands to play through a title. Interestingly enough, the YouTuber figured that From Software's action-RPG Dark Souls 3 wasn't hard enough on its own, and much like his vocal-driven attempt at Battlefield 1, he ended up biting the dust at basically every turn. Ultimately, though, Slimecicle ended up admitting defeat, claiming that Dark Souls 3 with voice commands was too difficult.

Since Battlefield 1 hasn't officially been launched in full yet, fans ought to expect even more odd playthroughs similar to Slimecicle's once the game releases next month. After all, it seems as if unconventional gaming experiences like these have become the norm, especially when fans are waiting for more post-launch DLC to drop, like the Destiny fan who beat Crota solo using only his voice after completing all that the game's The Taken King expansion had to offer.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Slimecicle – YouTube (via Kotaku)

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