Battlefield 1 Players Have Spent 59 Million Hours in the Game


DICE reveals that Battlefield 1 is its 'biggest launch' ever, with players of the first-person shooter having logged over 59 million hours of gameplay.

DICE's new first-person shooter, Battlefield 1, has already proven to be massively successful. Not only did Battlefield 1 outsell both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline in its first week on sale, but the much hyped World War 1-shooter also had twice as many players as Battlefield 4 did at launch too. Adding to these stats, DICE has now revealed that Battlefield 1 is its biggest launch ever, along with several more gasp-worthy figures.

The Swedish developer says that Battlefield 1 players logged over 59 million hours of gameplay "in just over a week," and that number could have doubled or tripled in the additional weeks since launch. The developer also says that 9 million hours of that were spent in the Operations game mode, with the most popular Operation standing out as 'Conquer Hell.'


Moreover, 36 million battlepacks have been earned by players, a whopping 1.6 million behemoths have been deployed, and players have racked up more melee kills with the scout knife than with any other weapon. DICE's infographic also offers a breakdown of kills by vehicle, with tanks getting just over 5.5 million kills, ground vehicles getting just over 1.6 million kills and planes getting a lowly 330, 477 kills, which may come as a surprise given how impressive Battlefield 1's airplane kills are. The top killing machine is horses, though, with just over 5.8 million kills. Though, flame troopers, anti-vehicle, and sentries have taken out just over 123,000 horses.

While these numbers are all impressive, they're likely to increase much more over the coming weeks and months. DICE recently confirmed that Battlefield 1 will be getting a new game type soon, along with hardcore servers and a brand new multiplayer map. Not that players are running out of things to do - if those millions of hours are any indication, at least - but this will surely give them even more an excuse to play the explosive WW1 shooter.

The possibility of increased player stats also means that DICE will have to fix Battlefield 1's server problems. Server outages have persisted since the game's launch, even leading some Battlefield 1 players to demand refunds. If those server troubles continue and the infrastructure is unable to handle the players who are already making the most of the game then they could jump ship, giving DICE more of a reason to commiserate than celebrate its game in future.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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