Battlefield 1 Has a Capture the Pigeon Mode?

Battlefield 1 Has a Capture the Pigeon Mode? - Battlefield 1 horse and sword

Citing a secret behind-the-scenes source, YouTuber AlmightyDaq claims that the upcoming Battlefield 1 will have a unique game mode called Capture the Pigeon.

It seems like every day a new video appears on YouTube that contains supposed leaked information for upcoming games. Most of the time, these "leaks" turn out to be fake, but there are other times when they're right on the money. Take, for example, YouTube user AlmightyDaq, who listed numerous features for Battlefield 1 two months before it was even announced, and whose accuracy may be proof that Battlefield 1 has a Capture the Pigeon mode.

According to AlmightyDaq, Capture the Pigeon is a unique twist on Capture the Flag that plays to Battlefield 1's World War I setting. As World War I history buffs will recall, pigeons were used to communicate during World War I, and so if any game would have a "Capture the Pigeon" mode, Battlefield 1 would be it.

If the mode turns out to be legitimate, it will have players fighting to hold onto a carrier pigeon. After the pigeon is successfully held for a certain amount of time, it will then fly away, scoring a point for the team that captured it. While it sounds odd on paper, the gameplay mechanics in Capture the Pigeon seem similar to Oddball from the Halo franchise, so there's precedence for this kind of match type in the FPS genre.


Having said that, there's a chance that Capture the Pigeon is fake or has been removed from the game, as there's no specific mention of such a mode in the information pulled from the recent closed alpha data mine leak. However, some believe that the "Possession" mode listed in the leaked game modes is in fact Capture the Pigeon, but that's only speculation at this time.

With EA's E3 2016 press conference behind us, it's hard to say when Capture the Pigeon could be revealed for Battlefield 1. There's a possibility that EA could unveil the mode as part of a presentation at Gamescom in August, or alternatively, it may host a special Battlefield 1-specific event where it officially announces all the multiplayer game modes, and maybe shows off the campaign's sandbox gameplay as well. With the game set to release in October, EA has just a few more months to properly showcase all its features, so one has to imagine that if Capture the Pigeon exists, we'll see it sooner rather than later.

If EA doesn't pull the trigger on these reveals soon, there's a good chance the company will be beaten to the punch. After all, Battlefield 1 has suffered an almost comical number of leaks at this point thanks to investigative YouTubers and data miners, and it stands to reason that even more leaks could be in store for the game moving forward.

Battlefield 1 will be available on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: AlmightyDaq

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