Battlefield 1 Mission Lets You Play as a Pigeon


We know Battlefield 1 has multiple characters, but the most unique one revealed to us so far is a messenger pigeon sent to save its allies from immediate danger.

With just a week remaining until Battlefield 1's release date, new footage has been revealed from the game's upcoming mission 'Through Mud and Blood'. In the tank

According to footage from the mission, Battlefield 1 will have the player visiting the Great War from a whole range of perspectives, including that of a common messenger pigeon. The mission involves flying a pigeon to signal for help, after tank operator Edwards and his crew get caught in the mud, surrounded by enemies.


As the player, you control the bird as it flies high above the battlefield, shown in a video posted by YouTuber MathChief. The sequence acts as a short minigame, with the pigeon made to fly through several rings of air before arriving at the reinforcement camp. Once it arrives, the soldiers are provided with Edwards' location and backup is able to arrive.

It's a very powerful scene that helps to show the scale and brutality of the war, and it's a nice addition to Battlefield 1's cinematic campaign. Not only does it offer a brief insight into the horrors of war, it's also one of a handful of scenes that add a layer of emotional depth to the game's story mode.

For all those who have subscribed to either EA or Origin Access, it's possible to play the mission, as well as the 'Storm of Steel' mission, right now. Be sure to make the most of your time though, because once the trial is started, players will only have 10 hours to play before having to wait for the game to release.

While the pigeon's brief appearance in the game takes place during Edward's mission in the Battle of Cambrai, the player will actually be able to control a whole range of characters during the title's storyline. According to developer DICE, the team behind Battlefield 1 decided on the game's War Stories format in order to embrace the variety of the Great War.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the game's official single-player trailer is now officially released, giving potential players a brief glimpse into what the full game will offer next week. Although the Battlefield story missions have traditionally only been taken from a first-person perspective, Battlefield 1 will feature cutscenes focussing on the game's several different protagonists.

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Battlefield 1 releases October 21, 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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