Battlefield 1 Reveals New Night Time Multiplayer DLC Map


According to an announcement from the video game developers at DICE, Battlefield 1's Premium Pass owners are set to receive a brand new map for free in June called Nivelle Nights. In order to give fans an idea as to what the area will look like, the studio has now released a fresh image of the area, which depicts a portion of the Chemin des Dames while darkness falls over the land and light snow flurries fall from the clouds above.

As seen below in the image for the Nivelle Nights map, Battlefield 1 players should expect to see a full moon take up the night sky over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir, as the earth's celestial satellite provides illumination alongside the artillery that also light up the night skies and show the vast connection of trenches. As put by an official description from DICE, the one true way for players to conquer this area is with "strategy and teamwork."


As of writing, DICE has only provided the screenshot above for Battlefield 1's Nivelle Nights, but many would contest that the map is reminiscent of the night level from the first-person shooter's single-player campaign. In terms of motif, it fits in quite nicely to the portion of the conflict in the game that's represented by the title's latest expansion of They Shall Not Pass.

For those unaware, this is the first instance of DICE releasing a free map to Battlefield 1's Premium Pass owners that's not going to be a part of any DLC package. With this being the case, it's quite possible that this addition of Nivelle Nights sets a precedent moving forward for the developer to continue providing additional incentives such as free maps or items to goad fans into buying the Premium Pass.

While it may be disappointing for fans without Premium Passes in Battlefield 1 that they won't be privy to Nivelle Nights, it's not as if DICE doesn't have a plethora of plans for the future of the game's post-launch lifespan for those who wish to buy packages in separate pieces. As a matter of fact, the studio recently released a rundown of future DLC and update plans, starting with a tease for the next expansion called The Name of the Tsar, which moves the fight to the Russian front. Bearing all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see if the Nivelle Nights maps manages to stir players into buying the Premium Pass.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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