Thanks to a recent update on the Battlefield 1 community test server, players discover all 11 new weapons arriving inside of the upcoming expansion, They Shall Not Pass.

After initial skepticism from EA over the chosen time period, Battlefield 1 has been nothing short of a success for DICE. To continue that strong momentum, the World War I inspired shooter has received numerous free updates and content such as custom games and the Giant’s Shadow map. The first major expansion known as They Shall Not Pass is only a few weeks away now for season pass owners packing in new maps, multiplayer modes, and the French army. New weapons are also coming to the game as well, and it appears they’re now available to PC players.

As part of the Community Test Environment on the PC, Battlefield 1 players are getting an early look at the new weapons included in the upcoming expansion pack. Based on the CTE, the expansion includes 11 total guns, though some of those are simply variants for other weapons. For example, the new Lebel Model 1886 is listed twice due to a Infantry and Sniper variation. Three new melee weapons are also up on the CTE server including the crude nail knife, the brutal trench fleur, and the cogwheel club.

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Unlike the base game, these new DLC weapons are not unlocked through class rank and warbonds. Instead, DICE has implemented a similar system seen in previous Battlefield games, where players complete certain challenges first in order to unlock a particular gun. While most of the weapons have a specific kill requirement with an original weapon from the base game, secondary challenges range from reviving a certain number of teammates, to other actions like using the flare to perform spot assists. The new melee weapons can be unlocked after earning 50 kills with an equivalent melee class base weapon like the trench knife, shovel, or club.

In addition to new weapons and maps, DICE has also begun teasing the new Frontlines multiplayer mode. While not much has been mentioned of it yet from official sources, a recent teaser trailer hints that the mode is a mash up of the popular Conquest and Rush modes. After one side reaches the enemy’s base, the objective changes and now forces them to make an assault on two telegraph stations, while the defending team can use them to call down artillery strikes. Once this phase ends, the objective switches again back to both sides fighting over a set of objectives.

Outside of the upcoming French expansion, players recently discovered that a monthly long Easter Egg hunt has led them to a small reward and the promise of more to come. At the game’s launch last October, the community found hidden headphones scattered around various maps along with telegraph stations which transmit various morse code messages. Over the course of the past few months, more headphones and telegraph terminals were added, giving new messages for players to decypher and follow until ultimately a new dog tag called A Beginning unlocked. With the dog tag’s ominous message stating that the player has found something that does not belong to them, it’s clear that DICE has more planned for this complicated and interesting Battlefield 1 secret.

What do you think of the new weapons? Are you picking up the first expansion when it releases officially in March?

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.