Battlefield 1 to Add New Multiplayer Mode for Scouts, Medics


DICE and Electronic Arts announce the addition a brand new multiplayer mode to the World War I shooter Battlefield 1 for the video game's Scout and Medic classes.

Considering the fact that Battlefield 1 ended up becoming the best-selling game for October 2016, it's safe to say that there are still plenty of players taking on one another in the game's various multiplayer domains. With this being the case, the title's developer DICE and its publisher Electronic Arts have decided to continue incorporating new content as a means offer up post-launch support, with the latest addition from the companies being a twist on the multiplayer mode Rush called Line of Sight that only allows fans to take on the role of the Scout and Medic class.

According to DICE's description of Battlefield 1's Line of Sight mode, not only will fans only be able to choose between Scouts or Medics, but the former class will have its bullet damage increased twofold, making them even deadlier than before. Interestingly, Medics won't be given any additional perks, so healers will need to be incredibly spry and extra judicious when it comes to divvying out health packs to ensure team members stay alive for the duration of the match.

Apparently, Battlefield 1's developers almost have Line of Sight prepped and ready to go, but it won't be available until later this week. That said, though, DICE failed to provide a specific date as to when the custom multiplayer game mode will go live.


Battlefield 1's Line of Sight won't be the first instance of a custom multiplayer mode making its way into the game, for DICE included the Fog of War custom game type earlier this month. In Fog of War, would-be soldiers experience extra dense levels of fog throughout the map, thus making it more difficult to see.

In addition to DICE's revealing of Line of Sight, the developer made sure to remind Battlefield 1 fans that the game's first official downloadable map known as Giant's Shadow will be coming out in December as a free piece of DLC for all players. For those unaware, the new map is set to during the Battle of the Selle in France in the fall of 1918, and its name is a reference to the fact that a huge airship had crashed in an open field during the fight, casting a looming shadow over the war zone.

Bearing all of this in mind, Line of Sight and the forthcoming Giant's Shadow map ought to lay the groundwork for loads more custom game types and DLC to come for Battlefield 1. With Electronic Arts having recently declared its intentions to wait on putting out another sequel in a "couple of years," there will surely be plenty of post-launch support planned for Battlefield 1 beyond just the impending map and game mode.

Battlefield 1 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battlefield (via GameSpot)

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