Battlefield 1 Reveals All Multiplayer Maps and Modes

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DICE reveals all upcoming multiplayer maps and provides a short description for each of the modes players will get to go hands-on with once Battlefield 1 launches.

Battlefield 1 appears to be trending in a great direction after a largely successful open beta period that saw a staggering 13.2 million players try out the World War I-inspired shooter. Shockingly, this number even toppled the previous DICE record, held by Star Wars Battlefront, which saw 9 million players boot up during that beta period. With the launch now about a month away, DICE has not only confirmed all of the leaked maps from a couple of weeks ago, but also released more information on all of the different multiplayer modes available on day one when Battlefield 1 launches.

Out of the gate, players will be able to fight on nine maps in total, all set within various locations and time periods during World War I. Here's a run down on each of the nine in Battlefield 1:

  • Ballroom Blitz is inspired by one of the final offensives of the war on the Meuse River in 1918. Players will battle through trenches and French chateaus fighting for control of the railway hub at the edge of the map.
  • Argonne Forest featured some of the most terrible and brutal combat of World War I, and in Battlefield 1 it has become a major infantry-focused maps. With tons of bunkers and machine gun nests scattered around, players should expect to find cover often.
  • The French town of Amiens is a more urban-focused map, taking place during the German spring offensive period of the war. Players will find plenty of alleys and buildings to use as ambush points for unsuspecting enemies.
  • Suez has players fighting over the famous canal, inspired by the actual struggle between the Ottomans and British Empire over the vital resource. Lighter defenses and sand dunes help provide a bit of cover on the more open map.
  • Fao Fortress takes place alongside a massive Ottoman castle, safeguarding oil that the British forces are looking to capture. This map features diverse landscapes complete with marshlands, bridges, sand dunes, and finally inside of the massive fortress itself.
  • The Saint Quentin's Scar has been previously shown off at E3 this past year, as a massive battle rages over a quaint town in Northern France. Both the German and British forces are looking to break through the line which happens to fall on the town of Travecy.
  • Monte Grappa takes place in the Venetian Alps as the Italians and Austro-Hungarian forces clash over mountain fortresses outfitted with large cannons.
  • Empire's Edge takes inspiration from the Adriatic coast of Italy featuring dreadnaught battleships and a Mediterranean shoreline that has been outfitted for war.
  • Sinai Desert is the last of the nine, and is a large desert map that all Battlefield 1 beta players should be well acquainted with at this point.

Six modes have also been confirmed at launch, featuring the classic Rush, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Conquest modes. Players looking for something a little different can try Operations, which has teams fighting over a series of maps based on real World War I battles. These interconnected rounds task defenders with trying to stop the other team who's objective is to push and break through the enemy lines.

War Pigeons takes inspiration from the fact that during this time period, carrier pigeons and dogs were used to pass messages as man-made communications were unreliable at best. When the round starts, both teams will be fighting to secure a pigeon coop somewhere on the map. Capture and carry a messenger pigeon to a safe location, and that team will be able to call in an artillery strike on the enemy.

Even though Battlefield 1 will be launching with fewer maps than Battlefield 4, a tenth map has been confirmed to be arriving for players in December. Known as Giant's Shadow, this free map takes place during the Battle of the Selle in the fall of 1918. Similar to the Sinai Desert map players experienced in the open beta, Giant's Shadow will also feature a large armored train and plenty of tank warfare, as both sides battle it out in the shadow of a massive crashed airship.

What do you think of the map and mode offerings? Hit us up with your thoughts down in the comments below.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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