Watch 1 Hour of Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

Electronic Arts hosts a celebrity-filled 64 player battle in Battlefield 1 to show off an in-depth look at multiplayer gameplay, and give a glimpse at several unseen aspects of the game.

Yesterday was day zero for E3 2016, and Electronic Arts wasted no time in showing off its brutal entrance to World War One with Battlefield 1. The studio took to the reveal the title's first ever gameplay trailer, which displayed everything from brutal melee combat to a player's ability to control the behemoth vehicles that were shown in the original reveal trailer. Once the main event wrapped up, however, that doesn't mean the day was over for Battlefield 1.

After the EA Press Conference concluded, the publisher took to the stage once again to show off the 64 player mayhem that the brutal gameplay could create. The player lineup for the 64 player demonstration wasn't just comprised of random journalists, however, and included several Twitch and YouTube personalities competing with a mix of film and music celebrities that included the likes of Jamie Foxx, Wiz Khalifa, Zedd, and the ever-energetic Terry Crews.

Here's the entire hour-long battle below, courtesy of YouTuber NukemDukem:


The video above shows the most in-depth look at Battlefield 1 to date, and gives a much longer look at aspects like anti-vehicle rounds, commandeering behemoth vehicles, bi-plane flying (and crashing), and more. As the battles progress in each round, players get a glimpse of several well-timed melee charge attacks, and are even able to see the dynamic weather change around the map. The weather can change the style of warfare dramatically, and one of the video hosts even points out that a sniper in a belltower won't be able to effectively fight in a heavy fog, which will force players to adjust positions and gameplay styles as the battlefield changes around them.

The staple destructible environments from the series make a big return as well, and the video does a great just job emphasizing just how much damage artillery shells, gun-toting biplanes, and exploding behemoth vehicles can force on the environments. The world really comes alive (so to speak, with so much death) in Battlefield 1, and there's no denying that the multiplayer visuals are certainly stunning to watch. Gamers will get a chance to test out the multiplayer action for themselves this summer when the open beta arrives. and find out for themselves if 64-player World War One action is something they're keen to join in on.

All 64 players played through three full rounds before a winning team was declared, and gamers can take a look at some of the player's reactions above.

What do you think about Battlefield 1 so far, Ranters?

Battlefield 1 is slated to invade on October 21 worldwide for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Source: YouTube

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