Those wanting to see some actual gameplay of upcoming WW1 shooter Battlefield 1 are in luck, as EA announces a livestream showing off the game’s 64-man multiplayer combat.

The reveal of Battlefield 1 left plenty of gamers feeling hyped, and they’ve since been eagerly awaiting a gameplay demonstration. A recent announcement from EA has revealed that the first livestream of the upcoming First World War shooter Battlefield 1 will take place at E3 in June.

The stream, entitled Battlefield Squads, will start at 2PM Pacific Time/5PM Eastern Time on Sunday, June 12. This sets it just one hour after EA’s briefing for E3 2016. The live-steam will show off real gameplay of Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer experience as 64 players go head to head in large-scale combat.

To add to the excitement, EA has gathered a host of famous YouTubers to join the fight, with Team Stone pitting players such as Diablox9, Vardoc, and QJB against Team Neebs’ JackFrags, LevelCap, and BFF-Engineer. StoneMountain64 and BFF-Noob will serve as captains to the two teams respectively, with a range of streamers and special guests following the pros into battle.

Battlefield 1 Historically Accurate

Players who are interested in attending the event themselves may be in luck, as EA is giving fans a chance to take part in the livestream for themselves. Gamers who are interested in attending should follow @Battlefield and tweet the account with a video explaining why they should have the opportunity to show off their skills. Selected gamers will be given a shot at attending the event and getting an early look at the “biggest and most innovative” Battlefield game yet. The deadline for submissions is June 3, so there’s not much time left for those who are interested to take part.

With all this excitement surrounding the title, it’s hard to believe that EA Studios boss Patrick Soderland came close to shutting down Battlefield 1 before it even began. Soderland claims that he believed that trench warfare wasn’t all that exciting, and that people would prefer the science-fiction elements found in other modern shooters. Judging by the extremely negative reaction to the latest Call of Duty trailer, it seems that quite the opposite is true. In fact, Battlefield 1‘s World War 1 setting may even have saved the Battlefield franchise.

With Battlefield 1 topping our list of most anticipated games of this year’s E3, there’s no doubt we are excited to enter the trenches for ourselves. And judging by the over 1,750,000 likes on the official reveal trailer, it seems that most fans feel exactly the same way.

Battlefield 1 will be available on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.