Battlefield 1 Details Weekly Medal System

Battlefield 1 details the series' new medal system, which will task players with completing five different medals each week, each with its own set of tasks.

Battlefield 1 is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and gamers are looking forward to jumping into the World War I shooter in just a couple weeks. But those anxious to play should be aware that the newest entry in the Battlefield series has a number of new gameplay opportunities that are much different from previous games in the franchise.

One of the biggest changes coming to Battlefield 1 is the medal system. Rather than letting players work to complete any of the in-game medals they want, Battlefield 1 will only offer a handful of medals for completion per week, each with its own set of unique requirements needed to unlock it. In a new post on the Battlefield website, Electronic Arts details how medals will work in Battlefield 1, giving players an idea of what to expect.

Battlefield 1 will offer five different medals each week for players to complete, and will rotate new medals in each week. Each medal will have its own set of criteria needed to unlock it, and players will have the whole week to complete the three to five tasks and earn the medal before it rotates out at the weekly reset. There are 34 medals in total in Battlefield 1.


Some of the new medals will require players to hone their skills in a specific field or class. For instance, the “Order of Hippocrates” medal requires players to complete numerous tasks as a Medic, such as getting 20 kills with Medic weapons, healing teammates 100 times, and completing 20 revives. In other cases, medals will task players with a range of skills, such as the “Legion of Glory” medal, which asks players to complete challenges from multiple classes by doing repairs, resupplies, and heals.

For each medal, players will need to complete the tasks in the order they are given. That means players will need to prioritize their play style each week for the medals they want to obtain, especially if playtime is limited. Players can track one medal at a time, and keep up with each week's available medals on the Battlefield companion app.

Each of the 34 medals will grant players an XP bonus upon completion, and each can be earned a maximum of 100 times. If players do reach the limit for a medal, they’ll be awarded an additional XP bonus.


The new medal system in Battlefield 1 is likely a move on EA’s part to keep players in the game on a consistent basis. Many of the hottest games right now offer weekly challenges and bonuses for players, keeping them playing week after week. It’ll be interesting to see how this new medal system in Battlefield 1 is received by players, and if it will indeed keep gamers playing.

What do you think about Battlefield 1’s new medal system?

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battlefield

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