In a blog post, EA reveals that a new Battlefield 1 trailer will be released next week, saying that it will reveal a new map and possibly a new vehicle.

Dice’s decision to pivot away from making another modern/sci fi shooter, has proved to be an absolute success for the game developer. Fans and critics have almost universally agreed that setting Battlefield 1 in World War 1 has breathed new life into the series.

EA and Dice have kept excitement around Battlefield 1 at a fever pitch by debuting the alpha gameplay at E3 2016, and subsequently releasing a number of gameplay trailers that show off the game’s classes and weapons. EA, who doesn’t want this anticipation to die down, has previously announced that the open beta would be available after this year’s Gamescom.

To bridge the gap between now and the beta, EA announced that a new Battlefield 1 trailer would debut next week in a blog post on Battlefield 1’s website.

“Next week at Gamescom…a new Battlefield Squads livestream will show off a new map filled with Only in Battlefield gameplay. There’s a new trailer coming soon, too, with a trainload of new information about Battlefield 1.”


The post goes on to say that “trainload” is a tease of what’s to come in the new map, and based on the image, it appears that the battle will be on the desert map that was glimpsed in the debut gameplay trailer. For those who don’t remember, the trailer ends with soldiers on horseback riding at breakneck speed towards a massive black train.

Other clues in the blog post seem to support the theory that the new map will indeed be the desert map from the first gameplay trailer. The map will be showcased in a livestream on August 16th, and although the posting didn’t go into too much detail about the map it did describe it with some telling details, “a destructive adventure into the desert to showcase a new map filled with points to capture, horses to ride, and things to demolish.”

So the evidence seems to strongly point towards the desert map being the next big reveal for Battlefield 1. The game seems to be putting a lot of focus on giving players a variety of vehicles that are not traditionally a part of first person shooters, such as zeppelins and horses, and it now looks like trains can be added to that list. This is all just speculation of course, until the livestream on August 16th, fans will just have to contain their excitement.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.