New Battlefield 1 Map Shows Off Horse Combat

battlefield 1 horse gameplay

During Gamescom 2016, Electronic Arts showed off a new desert map for Battlefield 1's multiplayer experience, which includes horse riding and combat.

When Electronic Arts first announced Battlefield 1 a few months ago, it was clear the next entry in the beloved franchise would spice things up for players. Thanks to the unique setting of World War I, Battlefield 1 is introducing new features, weapons, and gameplay to the series that already have many gamers on board to purchase the game in October.

One new addition coming with Battlefield 1 that’s especially exciting is the addition of horses in desert maps. From the moment they appeared on screen during the first trailer reveal to today, gamers have been clamoring to see gameplay of the powerful mammals in action. Thanks to some gameplay revealed from Gamescom 2016, gamers now have a glimpse into Battlefield 1’s horse gameplay.

The below video shows a few players trying their hand at the horses in desert gameplay on the Sinai Desert map:


While the above gameplay only provides a few seconds of horse gameplay, there are a few observations we can take away. First, the horses seem to handle fairly well, allowing players to stay fairly agile on the battlefield while they ride. This is important, since players will become pretty big targets atop their mounts. Watching players ride around the map is reminiscent of the motorcycles available in Battlefield: Hardline. While the two likely won’t handle exactly the same, the agility and speed of both seem pretty comparable.

Our second observation is that players are able to use their weapons while they ride. This means that unlike other vehicles in Battlefield games, the driver – or in this case, rider – will be able to attack targets with their primary and secondary weapon as they traverse the landscape on horseback. That likely means that only one player can ride a horse at a time. The gameplay also shows players pulling swords out while riding, and it’s possible the sword mechanic works similarly to the bayonet in Battlefield 1. When players pull their sword, it may allow the horse to ride faster, or allow players to dispatch enemies in a single slice.

Our final observation is that horses in Battlefield 1 are able to leap over small obstacles that players may encounter in the game. The video shows horses vaulting barbed wire that ordinarily may keep players from advancing. However, it seems there are some obstacles that horses can’t quite jump and instead come to an abrupt halt. Gamers will likely need to test the various obstacles when they jump into World War 1 this fall.

What did you think of the horse gameplay in Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 is set to release October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG247 Turkey

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