Battlefield 1 Teases Lawrence of Arabia Story Mission

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DICE releases a teaser trailer for Battlefield 1 which shows news gameplay footage from the campaign mission Nothing is Written, which also features Lawrence of Arabia.

After a summer filled with Battlefield 1 multiplayer reveals and massive events like EA Play, DICE has shifted focus to the single-player campaign side of the game as the release date draws near. Fans have already gotten a small taste of the action thanks to the debut single player trailer which debuted last week. With five stories in total to play through, DICE has begun to give short glimpses of each starting with Lawrence of Arabia.

Known as 'Nothing is Written', players step into the role of a Bedouin warrior working alongside the legendary World War I figure, Lawrence of Arabia, to put an end to the Ottoman Empire threat. The short clip shows the protagonist speaking with a captive Ottoman soldier as she tries to dig up information on how to stop a deadly threat with a weaponized armored train known as The Canavar. Unimpressed with his response and demeaning tone, she wacks him in the face.


During this story, players will participate in guerrilla warfare as the Ottoman Empire not only has a bigger military, but far better technology as well. While working with Lawrence of Arabia, players will need to scavenge weapons from the battlefield and ultimately find a way to sabotage the train. The damage it is capable of inflicting can be seen in the trailer as the protagonist stands in a darkened field set ablaze by what appears to have been mortar fire. Fans interested in a longer look should head over to the official Battlefield Facebook page, as a slightly longer version of this video is available.

'Nothing is Written' joins four other stories as part of the War Stories campaign. Instead of placing the player in the shoes of a generic soldier participating in a large battle during World War 1, War Stories allows DICE to place a greater focus on lesser known stories while embracing a more cinematic and emotional approach to story telling. Players will experience a lot of variety as well moving from major theaters of war such as the deserts of North Africa to the Venetian Alps, and even the skies over Western Europe.

If the recent 12 minute gameplay trailer is anything to go by, players should expect an emotional and brutal ride through out the campaign.

Are you planning to start with the campaign or are you going to jump straight into the multiplayer first? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments below.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Battlefield 1 Facebook Page

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