Battlefield 1 Hardcore Servers are Live Right Now


After launching the big fall update, DICE confirms that the long awaited launch of hardcore servers for Battlefield 1 is now live for players across all platforms.

The gamble that DICE took with Battlefield 1 to bring the franchise back into the past rather than continuing the trend of keeping things in a more modern type setting has paid off for the company. After a tremendous launch, the player base is healthier now than it has ever been in the past couple games in the franchise. Looking to keep fans happy, DICE has recently released a massive update for the title which addressed a number of issues. In addition to various enhancements, bug fixes and other changes, the patch also added support and has finally activated a long requested feature: hardcore servers.

On Twitter late yesterday, the official Battlefield account revealed that hardcore servers would start to become available around 4am PT today for all platforms. Essentially, players who log into Battlefield 1 right now, should be able to find hardcore servers to play on. No additional downloads or updates are necessary at this point as the feature was added as part of the Fall Update along with a server-side switch flip from DICE.


In addition to hardcore servers, DICE has also added in the Rent-A-Server program, enabling players to rent and then set up their own private Battlefield 1 servers. Similarly to Battlefield 4, private servers let players dictate things like map rotation and various gameplay options.

Unlike the normal servers, hardcore introduces a number of different variables to change up the gameplay. DICE has been a little cagey about the details, but so far the studio has hinted that various hardcore servers may have different settings ranging from the lack of a minimap, disabling the ability to spot enemies, or the removal of the crosshair completely. Traditionally, hardcore has lowered the health of all players as well, though DICE has not officially confirmed if that fact remains true for Battlefield 1.

In addition to hardcore servers being activated, the fall update provided a number of quality of life fixes and changes to the experience. The biggest change for many may be with the popular Operations mode, where the attacking side was given more tickets to work with, reduced the flag capture time, and increased the amount of tickets regained after killing retreating enemies. These balance changes should help attackers win a few more games now, something DICE wasn't seeing enough of based on its data.

Are you happy with the additions and changes DICE made to the game with its big fall update? What else would you like to see updated in the future? Let us know below in the comments.

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Battlefield Twitter


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