In advance of Giant’s Shadow releasing for free tomorrow for Battlefield 1 players, YouTuber Westie posts six minutes of gameplay on the new map and the new crossbow in action.

Since its launch back in October, Battlefield 1 has already seen a lot of success and earning a sizable player base. Though the first expansion isn’t due until sometime next year, DICE is giving players an early treat with a free map and a new weapon as well. After first finding clues that a¬†grenade crossbow was coming down the road, Westie is at it again, capturing new footage of the upcoming weapon in action.

Using B roll footage provided by DICE, Westie’s video not only shows off the new crossbow in action, but players can get a really good glimpse at the map as well. The defining feature of this map based in the French countryside is a massive downed zeppelin, which players will be able to fight in, especially for those playing Conquest, one of the most popular modes in Battlefield 1.

While the video does a good job showing how many of the available multiplayer modes play on the new map, the grenade crossbow can also be quickly seen as well. The crossbow itself is a Support class weapon and can be seen at the beginning and end of the video. It’s a slow firing weapon, capable of launching one grenade before a manual reload needs to occur. Considering that, players would be best suited to use it at a distance, similar to the Medic’s rifle grenade launcher.

Players who originally preordered the game, or have picked up the premium pass for Battlefield 1 can try their luck on Giant’s Shadow starting tomorrow. Thankfully the map and weapon are completely free so for players that don’t fit into either¬†previously mentioned category, the content becomes widely available a week on December 20. Players looking for even more gameplay don’t have to wait too much longer as DICE is planning to hold a special, first look live stream later today. The stream kicks off at 4pm EST on the official Battlefield Twitch channel.

In addition to Giant’s Shadow, Battlefield 1 has already received a number of updates since launch. The big fall update, which arrived last month, fixed a lot of bugs, improved parts of the game, and balanced a good portion of the maps and modes. DICE has also added the ability to rent servers to the game, along with new custom game matches like Fog of War and the upcoming Line of Sight mode as well. With a dedicated fanbase playing every day, it’s clear that DICE intends to keep them happy for a very long while.

Are you excited to have the new map and weapon added to the game? What are you hoping to see in the first big expansion next year?

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.