This Battlefield 1 Glitch Will Give You Nightmares

Battlefield 1 Nightmare Glitch

A popular Battlefield 1 glitch gif is making the rounds again, inflicting nightmares on all who watch. Whether it's due to the creepy, Silent Hill atmosphere and the sudden, violent jump scare, or if it's because of every multiplayer gamer's worst nightmare, lag, no one's safe. Really though, the gif is just hilarious. There are probably a dozen small details, a new one popping out with each rewatch, that make this foggy nightmare glitch one of Battlefield 1's best.

Battlefield 1 features a dynamic weather, so the foggy landscape within the gif isn't too surprising. It seems to start with the player escaping a gas grenade, which explains the yellow tint of the fog initially. Either that, or we're seeing the player enter some sort of near-death fugue.

The player sees a figure standing upon a nearby ridge, but when when they zoom in the figure is gone and their auto-aim pulls to another player (or is it a corpse). Then the figure returns and they zoom in a second time and but again the enemy is missing.

Finally, a third zoom-in marks the player's doom, as the figure quite literally shoots through the air, skewering the player with a bayonet charge. Is it a glitch or Lovecraftian horror within Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 Nightmare Glitch - GIF

The simple explanation is that the figure on the ridge lagged a bit and the server readjusted their position mid-bayonet charge, but there are several inconsistencies. Why does the figure disappear when the player zooms in the first two times? Why is it there the third time? Who is the other figure on the hill, or the other figures as it appears to be three people when the player zooms in a third time. The player seems to have a good connection based on the active kill feed, so chalk up this glitch to typical crazy Battlefield shenanigans.

Battlefield 1's fog makes for some great moments and has been one of the game's most widely lauded visual features. DICE even went so far as to release a fog-focused game mode by the name of Fog of War. That game mode takes place in a forest map with lots of blind turns and looping paths, requiring players to fight only with pistols and melee attacks. Hopefully there aren't any ghosts in the machine. But that's just one example of DICE making the most out of emergent gameplay enabled through feature additions like a dynamic weather system.

Battlefield 1 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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