EA’s E3-ish presentation is in full flow and the company has certainly saved the best reveal for last as gamers finally get their first look at an official gameplay trailer for Battlefield 1.

Since the game’s announcement trailer last month, fans have been eagerly waiting to see what EA has to offer with its take on the first World War in Battlefield 1. Now, at last, we finally get the opportunity to see some gameplay for ourselves with the trailer below.

For a trailer reportedly made up of in-game footage, Battlefield 1 certainly looks beautiful, something that isn’t surprising given the level of detail put into the series. Fans get their first glimpse of the game’s older weaponry as bullets tear through the incredibly destructive environments more than ever before. Melee combat is shown to be present in the latest edition of the Battlefield franchise, with an axe and a bayonet both being shown to be highly effective at brutally dispatching enemies.

Excitingly, the EA Play announcement confirmed that players will in fact be able to pilot the giant ‘behemoths’ shown in the initial trailer, allowing them to ‘dominate the battlefield.’ We’ll have to wait to find out what exactly is pilotable in Battlefield 1, though so far we’ve seen footage of airships, armored trains, and battleships.

Strong as they might be, the ultimate vehicles can be taken down in a spectacular blaze, something that is can be seen in all its glory in the gameplay trailer as an airship crashes into the ground. The new artillery shown to be fully-usable is more than likely to help with this task, as will the gun-wielding biplanes.

Battlefield 1 Historically Accurate

Motorbikes are also confirmed to be rideable, with the trailer showing off a passenger equipped with a machine gun, shooting from the sidecar of the vehicle. The driver then comes into very close contact with a tank driven by another player. These powerful vehicles are also shown off, with the view through the eye slot from inside adding to the first world war feel in a big way. Dog-fighting in planes will also play a heavy part in the Battlefield experience, with players likely fighting to control the airspace and thereby gain the advantage in-game.

The in-game weather will also play a big part in the game, claims EA. According to the company’s E3 press conference, Battlefield 1 will have dynamic weather that ‘changes unpredictably’ throughout the game. Not only does the weather effect how the game looks, but it will also reportedly require players to adapt their play-styles in combat.

It was also announced that an open beta is planned for later this summer before the game’s October launch, meaning that players will get a chance to decide if the game’s world war 1 setting saved the franchise from becoming lost in a sea of mundane shooters. At the time of writing, EA is currently hosting a 64-player battle with teams of experienced Battlefield players, headed up by Zac Efron and Jaime Foxx, that can be seen on the stream right now.

Battlefield 1 is set to launch October 21 worldwide for PS4, Xbox One, and PC