Battlefield 1 developers release official concept art for the World War I shooter’s forthcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC that features the French army.

As of late, Battlefield 1 fans have been getting a pretty solid amount of post-launch content thanks to updates to help tide them over until They Shall Not Pass, the game’s first of four paid DLC packages, launches next year. Now, in order to give players of the World War I-inspired shooter a glimpse into what kind of action should be expected out of the expansion, Battlefield 1‘s developers have released a teaser image depicting the inclusion of the French army into the game.

As seen in the official tweet from Battlefield‘s Twitter account posted below, a rather intense-looking bunker battle ensues in the image with German and French soldiers fighting for survival in the enclosed space with tattered French flags attached to the walls. Furthermore, the still comes labeled with the caption, “Soyez prêts,” which is French for, “Be ready.”

Despite the fact that Battlefield 1 already has playable areas included in the game that feature French cities – such as the Amiens map, for example – the title has yet to actually feature the forces of France in the fight. Nevertheless, that’s all set to change in the coming months with the They Shall Not Pass DLC’s release in March 2017.

As previously announced, Battlefield 1‘s Premium Pass will included 16 maps in total, and with there being four separate packages, it’s safe to assume that DICE and Electronic Arts will split them up evenly as possible. Once They Shall Not Pass drops, another future add-on will send players to the Eastern front for the Russian army to join the battle.


Beyond Battlefield 1‘s French and Russian armies being given DLC packages that represent their roles in the Great War, DICE and Electronic Arts have yet to officially reveal any plans for other countries to be added into the game. Of course, at this point, British, German, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Ottoman, and American armies have been included, but it’s anyone’s guess as to which Allied nation or Central Power will also be featured.

At any rate, Battlefield 1 fans still have plenty to keep them busy until March rolls around to introduce the They Shall Not Pass DLC. Not only has a new map been included with the Giant’s Shadow DLC, but also developers have given players the chance to try out a fresh close-quarters combat experience with the incorporation of a new game type called Eye to Eye, which features shotguns-only fights with no health regeneration. In the meantime, soyez prêts, Battlefield 1 fans.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.