A listing on Origin’s website implies that DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ forthcoming World War I-themed shooter, Battlefield 1, gets free DLC soon after its release.

According to a listing on Origin involving a pre-order bonus for the Standard and Deluxe Editions of the PC version for Battlefield 1, fans of the game will get seven days’ worth of early access to a “free map drop” that will then presumably become available for all players sometime after launch. Although neither DICE nor Electronic Arts have confirmed when this DLC will go live for Battlefield 1, its safe to presume that since the content is being listed as a pre-order incentive that it ought to be released as the first bit of expansion materials relatively close to the game’s release date.

The pre-order listing for Battlefield 1 also shows that should fans go ahead and secure their copy of the game, they will be privy to the Hellfighter Pack, which can also be obtained through the title’s rather pricey Exclusive Collector’s Edition. Of course, rather than pay the exorbitant cost of $220 for the Collector’s Edition, if fans just want the Hellfighter Pack and seven days’ early access to the free map for a cheaper rate, pre-purchasing the standard version ought to be sufficient.

Interestingly enough, this wouldn’t be the first time for DICE and Electronic Arts developers to offer free content to go along with Battlefield pre-orders. As it happens, when fans put down money for Battlefield 4 before its release, they were given access to the game’s China Rising expansion and maps at no extra cost.


Of course, before fans get too excited about any free content for Battlefield 1, it’s important to realize that the title’s official reveal trailer just came out over the weekend, meaning that we barely know practically anything about the game proper. Taking that into consideration, the well-meaning offer of gratis DLC could be completely pointless if developers botch the launch like with Battlefield 4.

At any rate, with Battlefield 1‘s release date being several months away from now, we will surely be given a closer look at some of the title’s gameplay in the near future and developers will almost certainly go on to give fans a better idea of its post-launch plans for the release. Plus, those who take part in the forthcoming open beta will definitely have a more concrete understanding for what DICE and EA have in mind for the game. In the meantime, it’s important for us to reserve judgment as to whether or not Battlefield 1 will be able to give the franchise the shot in the arm it needs until an even more cohesive idea of the project comes to fruition.

What do you think about DICE and Electronic Arts offering up free DLC soon after Battlefield 1 releases? Is this a good sign for what’s to come, or is it too early to tell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Origin