Battlefield 1 Players Are on the Hunt for Easter Eggs

Gamers discover unique Easter eggs in Battlefield 1 involving headphones on numerous multiplayer maps, and are hard at work decoding the mysteries hidden within the game.

One of the most notable features of past Battlefield games has been the unique Easter eggs DICE and Electronic Arts hide within the game. Gamers spend hours and days working together to unravel the mysteries the developers stow away within the Battlefield series, and use Reddit and social media to coordinate their efforts. Naturally, Battlefield 1 is no different.

Battlefield 1 isn’t even a week old and already players are hungrily rushing around the game’s maps, searching for any clues that may lead to a rewarding conclusion. So far, such efforts have born much fruit, with Battlefield 1 players discovering a fun Easter egg, which may lead on to even greater treasures.

The Easter egg involves headphones that are hidden within each map. So far, players have uncovered the headphone locations on half of the maps, as can be seen in the below video by jackfrags. Gamers are naturally hard at work searching the remaining maps for the headphones that are undoubtedly hidden there as well.


Jackfrags speculates as to what these headphones could be, hinting at the possibility of a dogtag or other reward for collecting them all. But it seems there’s a bigger purpose for the headphones than just picking them up. Gamers on Reddit discovered that when using the headphones with the Rush game mode telegraph posts (or MCOM stations), players can hear morse code. Using that clue, the Redditors have started putting together the pieces and are working on decoding the seemingly random jumble of letters provided from the morse code.

Neither Electronic Arts nor DICE have offered any information or hints about the discovery, or what players can expect to find at the end of the hunt. If it’s anything like previous Battlefield games, there may be a unique weapon or camo at the finish, though there’s really no telling what awaits players until they figure out the meaning of the morse code.


Regardless of the final reward, gamers are excitedly pressing forward with the experience. For many, the reward isn’t nearly as important as being a part of the group of gamers that complete the quest and discover the conclusion of the Easter egg hunt. In fact, some gamers weren’t too excited about the DICE camo they received for their efforts in the Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley map Easter egg, though many others were happy just to go through the experience.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the morse code, and if it offers a reward, or just gives players yet another mystery to solve. Until then, gamers will continue their joint efforts to search out the remaining headphones and seek any other Easter eggs cleverly hidden within Battlefield 1.

What do you think could be waiting for players at the end of the Battlefield 1 headphone Easter egg hunt?

Battlefield 1 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube, Reddit

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