EA Starts Week of Battlefield 1 Streams


Electronic Arts announces plans for numerous livestreams for Battlefield 1 that begin this week and continue all the way up to the game's official launch.

With the official release date for Battlefield 1 being just around the corner, DICE and Electronic Arts are shifting into full gear when it comes to preparing gamers for the forthcoming first-person shooter. With this being the case, EA recently revealed that fans will have plenty of chances to watch the title's multiplayer gameplay before its launch, as the company has announced loads of different livestreams scheduled for this week and continuing up until the game goes live.

Beginning on Wednesday, October 12 and going all the way through Battlefield 1's October 21 release date, Electronic Arts has stated that it plans on inviting special guests to host two-hour livestreams every day. Apparently, the shows are slated to focus mostly on multiplayer, with the main impetus behind the streams to be a showing of all the maps.

In addition to straight-up multiplayer action, Electronic Arts has confirmed that Battlefield 1's different game modes will also be detailed and shown off as well, including, but not limited to the additions of Operations and War Pigeons. Furthermore, the title's new squad up feature should also be given ample coverage during the livestreams.


According to the official Battlefield 1 community, the first of the livestreams from Electronic Arts begins on Wednesday at 1:00 PM PT, 4:00 PM ET, 9:00 PM BST, and 10:00 PM CEST. Additionally, EA has gone on record to state that the initial stream will give gamers a look at the EA and Origin Access trial, which becomes active the following day to give subscribers of the services a chance to try the game before they buy it.

Of course, should Battlefield 1 fans not be able to check out any of the game's livestreams due to scheduling conflicts, there's a high likelihood that the segments are to be stored and recorded for future viewing. Plus, beyond the multiplayer that's going to be detailed during the shows, fans also currently have plenty of footage to pore over when it comes to Battlefield 1's campaign gameplay.

Taking all of this into account, it's obvious that DICE and Electronic Arts are going for one more big promotional push with the livestreams before Battlefield 1 launches in order to try and best its competition in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. However, with both of the shooters being two of the top contenders for the most anticipated game of the 2016 holiday season, it will be interesting to see which comes out on top in term of sales.

Battlefield 1 is set with an official launch date of October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battlefield (via VG 24/7)

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