Battlefield 1 EA Access Trial Goes Live A Day Early


PC and Xbox One fans who subscribe to EA or Origin Access can get a head start on playing Battlefield 1, as early access to the game unexpectedly begins today.

As originally announced by publisher Electronic Arts, Battlefield 1's EA and Origin Access trials were supposed to begin tomorrow, October 13, for those who subscribe to the services through the PC and Xbox One platforms. Now, however, it seems as if the aforementioned fans can jump right into the bloody, albeit virtual fray and start playing Battlefield 1 today.

According to reports, even though Electronic Arts is still taking to various outlets online through places such as Twitter to promote Battlefield 1's EA and Origin Access trials as launching tomorrow, members of the services can begin to download it and play now. As of writing, the publisher has yet to acknowledge the fact that fans the world over are currently taking part in the trial a day earlier than originally anticipated.

For those unaware, the Play First Trial for Battlefield 1 was announced last month and is not only time-restricted, but also it's content is a limited selection of the full game, as opposed to what fans would normally receive with EA Access. Members taking part will get 10 hours with a version of Battlefield 1 that has two missions from the single player campaign — Storm of Steel and Through Mud and Blood — as well as four modes and five maps for multiplayer. Although the limitations will surely disappoint some fans, at least they can take solace in the fact that any progress made during the trial will carry over to the full game once its official release date hits next week.


Fans who don't subscribe to EA or Origin Access shouldn't fret about not being able to play Battlefield 1 now, though, as there will be another round of early access starting on October 18 for gamers who bought the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition. At that point, Battlefield 1's full game will be unlocked two days ahead of its launch date.

Should Access members not use all of their playtime by October 18, they will be granted the ability to take part in everything the game has to offer by using their remaining time. Not to mention, using up all 10 hours of Battlefield 1's trial time prior to October 20 will get those players a free Battlepack for use in the game when it comes out.

Of course, not every gaming fan has decided to take part in any of Battlefield 1's offerings to play the title early, as they are still on the fence as to whether or not it will be worth buying a Collector's Edition or signing up for EA or Origin Access. With that being the case, Electronic Arts recently declared it will be holding a week's worth of two hour-long streams for the game starting today to give fans an even better idea of what kind of action Battlefield 1 contains.

Battlefield 1 officially launches on October 21, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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