DICE and Electronic Arts officially release a brief teaser for a reveal next week related to Battlefield 1‘s forthcoming DLC pack, They Shall Not Pass.

About a couple of weeks ago, video game developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts provided Battlefield 1 fans with details for the new Custom Game mode called Bleed Out, while also teasing some details involving the first-person shooter’s February update. Although such information was certainly welcomed with open arms by fans, it’s safe to say that the Battlefield 1 community is more focused on receiving a better idea about the game’s first piece of paid post-launch content known as They Shall Not Pass.

With that being the case, DICE and Electronic Arts have taken to the official Twitter account for Battlefield 1 to provide a brief teaser for a reveal that’s supposedly scheduled to happen sometime next week for the They Shall Not Pass DLC. As seen in the tweet below, a fifteen-second clip shows a club-wielding solider turning to face a blazing fire while standing at the ready in front of a French flag waving in the background.

Be ready. First details coming next week. pic.twitter.com/AOi2mYKlD4
— Battlefield (@Battlefield) January 20, 2017

For the uninitiated, Battlefield 1‘s They Shall Not Pass expansion is set during the Battle of Verdun in France and introduces the French army to the game. As DICE has previously explained, roughly 1 million shells were fired during the opening parts of the battle alone, causing innumerable forest fires, which is why there are going to be trees engulfed in flames in the DLC’s maps. As it happens, a version of the Samogneux village will be the focus of one of the maps, while another will show off the conflicts that occurred inside Fort Vaux.

Furthermore, They Shall Not Pass will also feature a third map will that is set on a battlefield torn apart by artillery shells. According to DICE, about 40 million shells were fired during the entirety of the Battle of Verdun, ultimately obliterating the environment that morphed “the earth into a shattered lunar landscape.” Not to mention, there will be at least one map that features “underground fortresses,” but developers aren’t confirming which one just yet.


Battlefield 1‘s They Shall Not Pass expansion not only brings new maps, but also new weapons and dog tags. However, neither DICE nor Electronic Arts have stepped forward to confirm or deny any forthcoming guns or armory pieces being added into the game with the forthcoming DLC.

Since Battlefield 1‘s developers have not given an official release date for They Shall Not Pass as of yet, fans should expect DICE and Electronic Arts to possibly reveal as much next week alongside some potential new gameplay footage. Should the upcoming’s reveal for the DLC be enticing, fans with Battlefield 1‘s Premium Pass will be happy to know that they can experience the action of They Shall Not Pass two weeks earlier than those without it.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.