Battlefield 1 Developer Loses General Manager

DICE Patrick Bach

After a very successful Battlefield 1 launch, longtime DICE employee and current general manager, Patrick Bach, announces that he is no longer with the studio.

DICE has been riding high as of late thanks in large part to the success of Battlefield 1, which brings the franchise back in time to the brutal and chaotic era of World War I. Already, the game has managed to double the amount of players that Battlefield 4 was able to attract at launch, and with more content updates on the way, the path appears bright for the game. Unfortunately, after almost 15 years being an important piece of the Battlefield franchise, DICE general manager Patrick Bach is ready for something new, as he announces that he is no longer with DICE.

Initially reported on PlayStation Lifestyle, the longtime and high ranking DICE employee has left the company following the launch of Battlefield 1. The specific reasons for his departure have not been made public, though things appear to be more than amicable on both sides. EA later confirmed the news through a press release as executive vice president of EA Worldwide Studios, Patrick Soderlund, had nothing but positive things to say about Bach:

Patrick Bach has been a great colleague to many across DICE and EA for almost 15 years. We thank him for all of his contributions, especially to our Battlefield franchise and community, and wish him all the best on his next adventure.

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At this time, EA has not confirmed who will be taking over his role as general manager at DICE, nor has Bach has not revealed what he will be doing in the future. Current current reports indicate that the former DICE general manager is taking some time to spend it with his family. When reflecting on his career, Bach released the following message:

I've had an epic ride at DICE and EA filled with amazingly creative and passionate people, and unforgettable experiences with our player community. I'll certainly be playing Battlefield 1 for a long, long time to come, and I look forward to seeing what's next from the incredible team at DICE.

Bach has had a long and successful career at DICE, serving as lead designer on RalliSport Challenge 2 back in 2002, before taking on the role of producer for the fan favorite Battlefield: Bad Company 2. From there, he continued to serve as executive producer on the shooter franchise and often took on a public facing role for the studio with some of its other games like Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront.

What do you think this means for DICE, if anything at all? Let us know in the comments.

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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