Gamers that have played Battlefield 1‘s Community Testing Environment recently may have noticed that much of the content from the game’s upcoming They Shall Not Pass expansion is already available and undergoing test games.

Thanks to this early access, it didn’t take long before players online discovered a unique Dark Souls Easter egg hidden on the map Rupture. The tribute comes in the form of one of the notoriously-difficult game’s signature bonfires, with a sword sticking out of the flames.

The Easter egg isn’t just for show, however, and Battlefield 1 players can actually pull the sword out and use it as a melee weapon. Once grabbed, the sword will stay with a player until their death, and there can only be one active at a time in the game, so they will have have to be quick to grab the weapon when it respawns.

The bonfire itself is located near C point on the Conquest game mode, shown in the video by YouTuber Westie. It seems that players may have to run out of bounds to grab the sword for themselves, and there’s just enough time to return to the battlefield after acquiring it.

Unfortunately, the blade itself is just a regular Cavalry sword and is used just the same as any other melee weapon in the game, but it is a nice touch nonetheless. The rest of the video features a preview of what’s to come in the long-awaited DLC for DICE’s popular World War 1 shooter, including the French army and new weapons.


This is not the only Easter egg that has been discovered in Battlefield 1 recently, with players banding together to solve the mystery of the ‘A Beginning’ dog tag. This example is far harder to obtain, requiring recording software and audio manipulation to complete, but rewards the player with a new tag. It is also only the start of the puzzle, suggesting that there is far more to come as the hardcore fans get to work solving the next step.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.